rhub v1.0.0.9000

by Gabor Csardi

Connect to 'R-hub', from 'R'

Run 'R CMD check' on any of the 'R-hub' architectures, from the command line.



Connect to r-hub, from R

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Run R CMD check on any of the r-hub architectures, from the command line.


r-hub is a multi-platform build and check service for R packages. This packages uses the r-hub API to connect to r-hub and start package checks on various architectures.





Validating your email address

To build packages, first you need to validate your email address. The package tries to detect your email address, and if it fails to do this correctly, you'll need to specify it.

rhub stores the token permanently on the machine, so you do not need to validate your email again. You can also copy your token to other machines, see list_validated_emails().

Currently you cannot use the token obtained via this function, in the Web UI of r-hub.

Listing r-hub platforms

#> debian-gcc-devel:
#>   Debian Linux, R-devel, GCC
#> debian-gcc-patched:
#>   Debian Linux, R-patched, GCC
#> debian-gcc-release:
#>   Debian Linux, R-release, GCC
#> fedora-clang-devel:
#>   Fedora Linux, R-devel, clang, gfortran
#> fedora-gcc-devel:
#>   Fedora Linux, R-devel, GCC
#> linux-x86_64-centos6-epel:
#>   CentOS 6, stock R from EPEL
#> linux-x86_64-centos6-epel-rdt:
#>   CentOS 6 with Redhat Developer Toolset, R from EPEL
#> linux-x86_64-rocker-gcc-san:
#>   Debian Linux, R-devel, GCC ASAN/UBSAN
#> ubuntu-gcc-devel:
#>   Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS, R-devel, GCC
#> ubuntu-gcc-release:
#>   Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS, R-release, GCC
#> windows-x86_64-oldrel:
#>   Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, R-oldrel, 64 bit

You can use the platform ids (e.g. debian-gcc-devel) to select between platforms.

Run a package check

check() runs an R CMD check on the package in the specified directory, or specified source R package tarball. It defaults to the working directory.


In interactive R sessions, the output of the check is printed to the screen.

Shortcuts for quick checks

These are quick shortcuts that select the right platform:

  • check_on_linux() and check_on_windows() select the operating system.
  • check_on_debian(), check_on_ubuntu(), check_on_fedora() and check_on_centos() select an appropriate Linux platform.
  • check_with_roldrel(), check_with_rrelease(), check_with_rpatched() and check_with_rdevel() select an R version.
  • check_with_valgrind runs the build and check on Linux, in valgrind to find memory leaks and pointer errors.
  • check_with_sanitizers() runs all package package tests, examples and vignettes with Address Sanitizer and Undefined Behavior Sanitizer, see below.

Sanitizers for compiled code

r-hub provides a special Docker image to run Address Sanitizer (ASAN) and Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBSAN). This is based on the r-devel-san image of the Rocker project.

This image does not run R CMD check at all, but it runs

  1. package tests,
  2. all manual examples, and
  3. all vignette code

with ASAN and UBSAN enabled.


MIT © R Consortium

Functions in rhub

Name Description
check_on_linux Check an R package on an r-hub platform
list_validated_emails List validated email addresses
platforms List all r-hub platforms
check Check an R package on r-hub
status Query the status of an r-hub check
list_checks List R-hub builds
list_package_checks List checks of a package
list_my_checks List all checks for an email address
check_for_cran Check an R-package on R-hub, for a CRAN submission
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License MIT + file LICENSE
LazyData true
URL https://github.com/r-hub/rhub
BugReports https://github.com/r-hub/rhub/issues
Roxygen list(markdown = TRUE)
Encoding UTF-8

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