rmini v0.0.4

by Yihui Xie

A Minimal R Package as an Example of Writing R Packages

A minimal R package that shows you how to write R packages with roxygen documentation, S3 methods, vignettes, tests, and C code, etc.


A minimal R package

Build Status

Everything about an R package when you want to learn how to develop an R package. Specifically, it has examples for

  • roxygen documentation
  • namespace
  • S3 generic functions
  • C code
  • datasets
  • demos
  • R Markdown vignettes

Forget about package.skeleton(); you will regret learning that "official" function one day. The Rd documentation, NAMESPACE and the Collate field in DESCRIPTION are automatically generated by roxygen2. This is how I generated them:


Well, that is not what I really did. I just open rmini.Rproj in RStudio, and click the button Build & Reload, which basically runs the code above.

Functions in rmini

Name Description
rock_fun Scrolling letters
hello An S3 generic function example
split_filename First line is title
+.Foo Add a new element to a list
hiNorm Some random data
reverse Reverse elements
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Date 2014-04-18
License GPL
URL https://github.com/yihui/rmini
BugReports https://github.com/yihui/rmini/issues
VignetteBuilder knitr
suggests knitr , roxygen2
depends R (>= 3.1.0)
imports tools
Contributors Yihui Xie

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