rms (version 6.8-1)

print.ols: Print ols


Formatted printing of an object of class ols using methods taken from print.lm and summary.lm. Prints R-squared, adjusted R-squared, parameter estimates, standard errors, and t-statistics (Z statistics if penalized estimation was used). For penalized estimation, prints the maximum penalized likelihood estimate of the residual standard deviation (Sigma) instead of the usual root mean squared error. Format of output is controlled by the user previously running options(prType="lang") where lang is "plain" (the default), "latex", or "html". When using html with Quarto or RMarkdown, results='asis' need not be written in the chunk header.


# S3 method for ols
print(x, digits=4, long=FALSE, coefs=TRUE, 
 title="Linear Regression Model", ...)



fit object


number of significant digits to print


set to TRUE to print the correlation matrix of parameter estimates


specify coefs=FALSE to suppress printing the table of model coefficients, standard errors, etc. Specify coefs=n to print only the first n regression coefficients in the model.


a character string title to be passed to prModFit


other parameters to pass to print or format

See Also

ols, lm,prModFit