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Basic Robust Statistics

"Essential" Robust Statistics. Tools allowing to analyze data with robust methods. This includes regression methodology including model selections and multivariate statistics where we strive to cover the book "Robust Statistics, Theory and Methods" by 'Maronna, Martin and Yohai'; Wiley 2006.

Functions in robustbase

Name Description
Mpsi Psi / Chi / Wgt / Rho Functions for *M-Estimation
NOxEmissions NOx Air Pollution Data
nlrob Robust Fitting of Nonlinear Regression Models
ambientNOxCH Daily Means of NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides) in air
CrohnD Crohn's Disease Adverse Events Data
delivery Delivery Time Data
Qn Robust Location-Free Scale Estimate More Efficient than MAD
chgDefaults-methods Change Defaults (Parameters) of "Psi Function" Objects
classPC Compute Classical Principal Components via SVD or Eigen
functionX-class Class "functionX" of Psi-like Vectorized Functions
functionXal-class Class "functionXal" of Functionals (of Psi-like functions)
cushny Cushny and Peebles Prolongation of Sleep Data
lmrob MM-type Estimators for Linear Regression
h.alpha.n Compute h, the subsample size for MCD and LTS
hbk Hawkins, Bradu, Kass's Artificial Data
ltsReg Least Trimmed Squares Robust (High Breakdown) Regression
mc Medcouple, a Robust Measure of Skewness
outlierStats Robust Regression Outlier Statistics
toxicity Toxicity of Carboxylic Acids Data
pension Pension Funds Data
lmrob.M.S M-S regression estimators
psiFunc Constructor for Objects "Psi Function" Class
psi_func-class Class of "Psi Functions" for M-Estimation
anova.glmrob Analysis of Robust Quasi-Deviance for "glmrob" Objects
nlrob.control Control Nonlinear Robust Regression Algorithms
tolEllipsePlot Tolerance Ellipse Plot
salinity Salinity Data
scaleTau2 Robust Tau-Estimate of Scale
summary.glmrob Summarizing Robust Fits of Generalized Linear Models
summary.lmrob Summary Method for "lmrob" Objects
wgt.himedian Weighted Hi-Median
wood Modified Data on Wood Specific Gravity
bushfire Campbell Bushfire Data
anova.lmrob Analysis of Robust Deviances ('anova') for "lmrob" Objects
biomassTill Biomass Tillage Data
adjOutlyingness Compute (Skewness-adjusted) Multivariate Outlyingness
cloud Cloud point of a Liquid
adjbox Plot an Adjusted Boxplot for Skew Distributions
colMedians Fast Row or Column-wise Medians of a Matrix
kootenay Waterflow Measurements of Kootenay River in Libby and Newgate
airmay Air Quality Data
Animals2 Brain and Body Weights for 65 Species of Land Animals
BYlogreg Bianco-Yohai Estimator for Robust Logistic Regression
alcohol Alcohol Solubility in Water Data
adjboxStats Statistics for Skewness-adjusted Boxplots
covOGK Orthogonalized Gnanadesikan-Kettenring (OGK) Covariance Matrix Estimation Robust Distance Plots
aircraft Aircraft Data
education Education Expenditure Data
lactic Lactic Acid Concentration Measurement Data
coleman Coleman Data Set
los Length of Stay Data
epilepsy Epilepsy Attacks Data Set
plot.lts Robust LTS Regression Diagnostic Plots Compute Design Adaptive Scale estimate
condroz Condroz Data
foodstamp Food Stamp Program Participation
milk Daudin's Milk Composition Data
nlrob-algorithms MM-, Tau-, CM-, and MTL- Estimators for Nonlinear Robust Regression
print.lmrob Print Method for Objects of Class "lmrob" Compute M-estimators of regression
lmrob.S S-regression estimators
lmrob.control Tuning Parameters for lmrob() and Auxiliaries
fullRank Remove Columns (or Rows) From a Matrix to Make It Full Rank
heart Heart Catherization Data
predict.glmrob Predict Method for Robust GLM ("glmrob") Fits
psi.findc Find Tuning Constant(s) for "lqq" and "ggw" Psi Functions
predict.lmrob Predict method for Robust Linear Model ("lmrob") Fits
splitFrame Split Continuous and Categorical Predictors
sigma Extract 'Sigma' - Standard Deviation of Errors for Robust Models
starsCYG Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram Data of Star Cluster CYG OB1
huberM Safe (generalized) Huber M-Estimator of Location
smoothWgt Smooth Weighting Function - Generalized Biweight
internals Internal Functions of Package 'robustbase'
steamUse Steam Usage Data (Excerpt)
summary.lts Summary Method for LTS objects Summary Method for MCD objects
tukeyPsi1 Tukey's Bi-square Score (Psi) and "Chi" (Rho) Functions and Derivatives
vaso Vaso Constriction Skin Data Set
plot-methods Plot an Object of the "Psi Function" Class
pulpfiber Pulp Fiber and Paper Data
summarizeRobWeights Print a Nice "summary" of Robustness Weights
r6pack Robust Distance based observation orderings based on robust "Six pack"
residuals.glmrob Residuals of Robust Generalized Linear Model Fits
rrcov.control Control Settings for covMcd and ltsReg
SiegelsEx Siegel's Exact Fit Example Data
covMcd Robust Location and Scatter Estimation via MCD
summary.nlrob Summarizing Robust Fits of Nonlinear Regression Models
telef Number of International Calls from Belgium
wagnerGrowth Wagner's Hannover Employment Growth Data
Sn Robust Location-Free Scale Estimate More Efficient than MAD
estimethod Extract the Estimation Method 'Estimethod' from a Fitted Model
plot.lmrob Plot Method for "lmrob" Objects
covComed Co-Median Location and Scatter "Covariance" Estimator
glmrob Robust Fitting of Generalized Linear Models
carrots Insect Damages on Carrots
radarImage Satellite Radar Image Data from near Munich
exAM Example Data of Antille and May - for Simple Regression
phosphor Phosphorus Content Data MM-type estimator for regression
glmrob..control Controlling Robust GLM Fitting by Different Methods
rankMM Simple Matrix Rank
lmrob.lar Least Absolute Residuals / L1 Regression
pilot Pilot-Plant Data
possumDiv Possum Diversity Data
weights.lmrob Extract Robustness and Model Weights
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