by Hadley Wickham
License GPL (>= 2)
VignetteBuilder knitr
LinkingTo Rcpp
Collate 'RcppExports.R' 'alias.R' 'default-data-format.R' 'description.R' 'family.R' 'inherit-params.R' 'minidesc.R' 'object-defaults.R' 'object-from-call.R' 'object.R' 'order-params.R' 'parse-preref.R' 'parse.R' 'rc.R' 'rd-escape.R' 'rd-file-api.R' 'rd-parse.R' 'rd-tag-api.R' 'tag-registry.R' 'roclet-collate.R' 'roclet-namespace.R' 'roclet-rd.R' 'roclet-vignette.R' 'roclet.R' 'roxygen-tag.R' 'roxygen.R' 'roxygenize.R' 's3.R' 'safety.R' 'source.R' 'template.R' 'topic-name.R' 'topo-sort.R' 'usage.R' 'util-locale.R' 'utils.R'
RoxygenNote 5.0.1

In-Source Documentation for R

A 'Doxygen'-like in-source documentation system for Rd, collation, and 'NAMESPACE' files.
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Functions in roxygen2

Name Description
roc_proc_text Process roclet on string and capture results.
rd_roclet Roclet: make Rd files.
register.preref.parser Register tag parsers.
is_s3_generic Determine if a function is an S3 generic or S3 method.
update_collate Update Collate field in DESCRIPTION.
vignette_roclet Re-build outdated vignettes.
default_data_format Default format for data
source_package Source all files in a package.
object Constructors for S3 object to represent R objects.
namespace_roclet Roclet: make NAMESPACE.
new_roclet Build new roclet object.
roxygenize Process a package with the Rd, namespace and collate roclets.
load_options Load options from DESCRIPTION.
roxygen2-package In-Source Documentation for R
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