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Import Various Northern and Southern Hemisphere Climate Indices

Downloads Southern Oscillation Index, Oceanic Nino Index, North Pacific Gyre Oscillation data, North Atlantic Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation. Data sources are described in the README file.


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An R package to download the most up to date of these climate indices:

  • Southern Oscillation Index
  • Oceanic Nino Index
  • North Pacific Gyre Oscillation
  • North Atlantic Oscillation
  • Arctic Oscillation
  • Antarctic Oscillation
  • Multivariate ENSO Index Version 2


For the development version




Download Oceanic Nino Index data

oni <- download_oni()
#> # A tibble: 6 x 7
#>   Date       Month  Year dSST3.4   ONI ONI_month_window phase             
#>   <date>     <ord> <int>   <dbl> <dbl> <chr>            <fct>             
#> 1 1950-01-01 Jan    1950   -1.62 NA    JF               <NA>              
#> 2 1950-02-01 Feb    1950   -1.32 -1.34 JFM              Warm Phase/El Nino
#> 3 1950-03-01 Mar    1950   -1.07 -1.17 FMA              Warm Phase/El Nino
#> 4 1950-04-01 Apr    1950   -1.11 -1.18 MAM              Warm Phase/El Nino
#> 5 1950-05-01 May    1950   -1.37 -1.07 AMJ              Warm Phase/El Nino
#> 6 1950-06-01 Jun    1950   -0.74 -0.85 MJJ              Warm Phase/El Nino

And a quick plot to illustrate the data:

barcols <- c('#edf8b1','#7fcdbb','#2c7fb8')

barplot(oni$ONI, names.arg = oni$Date, ylab = "Oceanic Nino Index" , 
    col = barcols[oni$phase], border = NA, space = 0,
    xaxt = "n")

Inspired by

The idea for this package borrows heavily from the rpdo package. The initial efforts by these authors are gratefully acknowledged. The rpdo github page can be found here: rpdo

Data Sources

Helpful References

In Watching for El Niño and La Niña, NOAA Adapts to Global Warming

L’Heureux, M. L., Collins, D. C., & Hu, Z.-Z. (2012, March.). Linear trends in sea surface temperature of the tropical Pacific Ocean and implications for the El Niño-Southern Oscillation. Climate Dynamics, 1–14. doi:10.1007/s00382-012-1331-2

The Victoria mode in the North Pacific linking extratropical sea level pressure variations to ENSO

Please note that the ‘rsoi’ project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.

Functions in rsoi

Name Description
download_aao Download Arctic Oscillation data
download_mei Download Multivariate ENSO Index Version 2 (MEI.v2)
download_ao Download Arctic Oscillation data
download_oni Download Oceanic Nino Index data
download_soi Download Southern Oscillation Index data
rsoi-package El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Related Climate Indices
download_enso Download Southern Oscillation Index and Oceanic Nino Index data
download_nao Download North Atlantic Oscillation data
download_npgo Download North Pacific Gyre Oscillation data
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