Wrapper around RJDBC DBI applied specifically to SQL Server. Sybase may work, but to date hasn't been tested. You will need the Java Runtime Environment.


If you intend to use integrated security (Windows Authentication) to authenticate your server session, you will need to download jTDS and copy the native single sign on library (ntlmauth.dll) to any location on your system's PATH (e.g. Sys.getenv("PATH")). Full installation instructions are available in the README.SSO file in the jTDS download bundle. This functionality seems a little flaky in my testing, but it could just be my setup. In any case, it is preferable that you fully specify your server and login credentials in the ~/sql.yaml file. See the example provided: system.file("extdata", "sql.yaml", package = "RSQLServer")

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Documentation reproduced from package RSQLServer, version 0.2.0, License: GPL-2

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