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Bayesian Applied Regression Modeling via Stan

Estimates previously compiled regression models using the 'rstan' package, which provides the R interface to the Stan C++ library for Bayesian estimation. Users specify models via the customary R syntax with a formula and data.frame plus some additional arguments for priors.

Functions in rstanarm

Name Description
launch_shinystan.stanreg Using the ShinyStan GUI with rstanarm models
plot.stanreg Plot method for stanreg objects
example_jm Example joint longitudinal and time-to-event model
plot.survfit.stanjm Plot the estimated subject-specific or marginal survival function
example_model Example model
posterior_traj Estimate the subject-specific or marginal longitudinal trajectory
rstanarm-datasets Datasets for rstanarm examples
posterior_vs_prior Juxtapose prior and posterior
predict.stanreg Predict method for stanreg objects
predictive_error.stanreg In-sample or out-of-sample predictive errors
rstanarm-deprecated Deprecated functions
family.stanmvreg family method for stanmvreg objects
stan_jm Bayesian joint longitudinal and time-to-event models via Stan
available-models Modeling functions available in rstanarm
stan_aov Bayesian regularized linear models via Stan
stan_biglm Bayesian regularized linear but big models via Stan
stan_betareg Bayesian beta regression models via Stan
bayes_R2.stanreg Compute a Bayesian version of R-squared for regression models
model.frame.stanmvreg model.frame method for stanmvreg objects
model.frame.stanreg model.frame method for stanreg objects
family.stanreg family method for stanreg objects
model.matrix.stanreg model.matrix method for stanreg objects
as.matrix.stanreg Extract the posterior sample
available-algorithms Estimation algorithms available for rstanarm models
prior_summary.stanreg Summarize the priors used for an rstanarm model
stan_glm Bayesian generalized linear models via Stan
loo.stanreg Information criteria and cross-validation
priors Prior distributions and options
neg_binomial_2 Family function for negative binomial GLMs
stan_glmer Bayesian generalized linear models with group-specific terms via Stan
posterior_interval.stanreg Posterior uncertainty intervals
terms.stanmvreg terms method for stanmvreg objects
loo_predict.stanreg Compute weighted expectations using LOO
QR-argument The QR argument
adapt_delta Target average acceptance probability
formula.stanreg formula method for stanreg objects
get_y Extract X, Y or Z from a stanreg object
posterior_predict.stanreg Draw from posterior predictive distribution
posterior_linpred.stanreg Posterior distribution of the linear predictor
pairs.stanreg Pairs method for stanreg objects
plot.predict.stanjm Plot the estimated subject-specific or marginal longitudinal trajectory
predictive_interval.stanreg Predictive intervals
print.stanreg Print method for stanreg objects
posterior_survfit Estimate subject-specific or standardised survival probabilities
print.survfit.stanjm Generic print method for survfit.stanjm objects
terms.stanreg terms method for stanreg objects
ps_check Graphical checks of the estimated survival function
print.kfold Various print methods
reexports Objects exported from other packages
pp_check.stanreg Graphical posterior predictive checks
stanreg-methods Methods for stanreg objects
pp_validate Model validation via simulation
stanreg-objects Fitted model objects
stanreg_list Create a list of fitted model objects
summary.stanreg Summary method for stanreg objects
stan_mvmer Bayesian multivariate generalized linear models with correlated group-specific terms via Stan
rstanarm-package Applied Regression Modeling via RStan
stan_clogit Conditional logistic (clogit) regression models via Stan
stan_nlmer Bayesian nonlinear models with group-specific terms via Stan
stan_gamm4 Bayesian generalized linear additive models with optional group-specific terms via Stan
se Extract standard errors
stan_polr Bayesian ordinal regression models via Stan
stanmvreg-methods Methods for stanmvreg objects
log_lik.stanreg Pointwise log-likelihood matrix
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