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Safely Access the RStudio API

Access the RStudio API (if available) and provide informative error messages when it's not.

Functions in rstudioapi

Name Description
build-tools Build Tools
callFun Call an RStudio API function
createProjectTemplate Create a Project Template
askForPassword Ask the user for a password interactively
addTheme Add a Custom Editor Theme
convertTheme Convert a tmTheme to an RStudio Theme
bugReport File an RStudio Bug Report
applyTheme Apply an Editor Theme to RStudio
dictionaries Interact with RStudio's Dictionaries
askForSecret Show Prompt for Secret Dialog
hasFun Exists/get for RStudio functions
launcherControlJob Interact with (Control) a Job
executeCommand Execute Command
file-dialogs Select a File / Folder
highlightUi Highlight UI Elements within the RStudio IDE
launcherGetJob Retrieve Job Information
document_position Create a Document Position
showDialog Show Dialog Box
launcherHostMount Define a Launcher Host Mount
jobAddOutput Add Job Output
readPreference Read Preference
jobAddProgress Add Job Progress
document_range Create a Range
readRStudioPreference Read RStudio Preference
launcherNfsMount Define a Launcher NFS Mount
getThemeInfo Retrieve Themes
getThemes Get Theme List
getVersion Return the current version of the RStudio API
getActiveProject Path to Active RStudio Project
getRStudioPackageDependencies Get RStudio Package Dependencies
jobAdd Add a Job
primary_selection Extract the Primary Selection
launcherConfig Define a Launcher Configuration
launcherContainer Define a Launcher Container
isAvailable Check if RStudio is running.
hasColorConsole Check if Console Supports ANSI Color Escapes
showPrompt Show Prompt Dialog Box
projects Open a Project in RStudio
jobSetProgress Set Job Progress
savePlotAsImage Save Active RStudio Plot as an Image
terminalActivate Activate Terminal
versionInfo RStudio Version Information
userIdentity Get User Identity
systemUsername Get System Username
sendToConsole Send Code to the R Console
terminalCreate Create a Terminal
jobRemove Remove a Job
jobSetStatus Set Job Status
jobRunScript Run R Script As Job
navigateToFile Navigate to File
launcherPlacementConstraint Define a Launcher Placement Constraint
launcherResourceLimit Define a Launcher Resource Limit
jobSetState Set Job State
showQuestion Show Question Dialog Box
terminalClear Clear Terminal Buffer
persistent-values Persistent Keys and Values
sourceMarkers Display Source Markers
launcherSubmitJob Submit a Launcher Job
launcherSubmitR Execute an R Script as a Launcher Job
terminalExecute Execute Command
removeTheme Remove a custom theme from RStudio.
launcher Retrieve Launcher Information
viewer View local web content within RStudio
terminalContext Retrieve Information about RStudio Terminals
writePreference Write Preference
previewSql Preview SQL statement
previewRd Preview an Rd topic in the Help pane
translateLocalUrl Translate Local URL
updateDialog Updates a Dialog Box
restartSession Restart the R Session
terminalExitCode Terminal Exit Code
terminalKill Kill Terminal
rstudio-documents Interact with Documents open in RStudio
rstudio-editors Retrieve Information about an RStudio Editor
terminalBuffer Get Terminal Buffer
terminalList Get All Terminal Ids
writeRStudioPreference Write RStudio Preference
terminalRunning Is Terminal Running
terminalBusy Is Terminal Busy
terminalSend Send Text to a Terminal
terminalVisible Get Visible Terminal
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License MIT + file LICENSE
RoxygenNote 7.0.2
VignetteBuilder knitr
Encoding UTF-8
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-02-07 18:58:10 UTC; kevinushey
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-02-07 23:20:02 UTC

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