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Collecting Twitter Data

An implementation of calls designed to extract and organize Twitter data via Twitter's REST and stream API's. Functions formulate GET and POST requests and convert response objects to more user friendly structures, e.g., data frames or lists. Specific consideration is given to functions designed to return tweets, friends, and followers.


rtweet: Collecting Twitter Data

  • R package for collecting Twitter Data in R via Twitter's REST and stream API's


  • to install rtweet run the following code in R:
    if (packageVersion("devtools") < 1.6) {

Obtaining access tokens

  1. To create Twitter app(s) [and secure access to oauth tokens necessary for API queries] visit http://apps.twitter.com/app/new
  2. Enter information in Name, Description, Website, and Callback URL fields like example provided below. For Callback URL make sure to copy/paste the following:
  3. Once the app is created, copy and paste consumer key and consumer secret key into the create_token() function (see demo below).
Field Enter
Name rtweet_app
Description Twitter follows and selective exposure
Website http://twitter.com/kearneymw
Callback URL

Using Tokens in R

  • Using the information obtained from obtaining access tokens above, generate a token via the create_token function.
  • Modify the code below by replacing appX_name with name of your application and xxxx... with the appropriate alpha-numeric keys associated with your app (see: 'obtaining access tokens').
  • If this is the first time running create_token for an app, a web browser will automatically pop up. Select yes/agree to authorize once for each app.

```{r, echo = TRUE, eval = FALSE} library(rtweet)

twitter_tokens <- c( create_token(app = "app1_name", consumer_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", consumer_secret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"), create_token(app = "app2_name", consumer_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", consumer_secret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"))

- You can save your token(s) object anywhere, but it's important to know
*where* you saved it. For that reason, I recommend saving your
token(s) object in your home directory. To locate your home directory
enter `normalizePath("~/")` into your R console. Save the token(s)
object like this:

```{r, echo = TRUE, eval = FALSE}
home_directory <- normalizePath("~/")

file_name <- paste0(home_directory, "/", "twitter_tokens")

save(twitter_tokens, file = file_name)
  • To create an environmental variable to access your token(s) later on (a best practice recommended by Hadley), open a new plain text document. You can do this in any text editor like TextEdit or Notepad. Or, if you're using Rstudio, (File > New File > Text File).

  • In the blank plain text document, type the text below where blahblahblahblahblahblah is the path to wherever you've saved the token(s). On my mac, for example, it looks like this: TWITTER_PAT=/Users/mwk/twitter_tokens. Make sure the last line of the document is left empty, otherwise R won't read the file.

  • Save the file to your home directory, which, again, you can find by entering normalizePath("~/") in the R console.

```{r, echo = TRUE, eval = FALSE} normalizePath("~/")

- Restart R so it can process your environment variable on startup
and then call the `get_tokens` function.

```{r, echo = TRUE, eval = FALSE}

tokens <- get_tokens()

elect16 <- search_tweets(q = "election2016", count = 500, tokens[[1]])
  • Or, more conveniently, if you followed the steps above correctly, you don't have to load your tokens at all. The rtweet functions will fetch your tokens for you!

```{r, echo = TRUE, eval = FALSE} library(rtweet)

elect16 <- search_tweets(q = "election2016", count = 500) elect16 ```


  • email me at mkearney@ku.edu

Functions in rtweet

Name Description
get_followers get_followers
parse_all_tweets parse_all_tweets
get_tokens get_tokens
lookup_users lookup_users
get_friends get_friends
create_token create_token
parse_user parse_user
rate_limit rate_limit
parse_status parse_status
make_url make_url
stream_tweets stream_tweets
search_tweets search_tweets
rtweet rtweet
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Date 2016-07-29
License MIT + file LICENSE
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BugReports https://github.com/mkearney/rtweet/issues
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-07-31 19:48:46 UTC; mwk
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-08-01 14:01:15

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