Get a timeline of tweets authored by members of a specified list.

Get a timeline of tweets authored by members of a specified list.

lists_statuses(list_id = NULL, slug = NULL, owner_user = NULL,
  since_id = NULL, max_id = NULL, n = 200, include_rts = TRUE,
  parse = TRUE, token = NULL)

required The numerical id of the list.


required You can identify a list by its slug instead of its numerical id. If you decide to do so, note that you'll also have to specify the list owner using the owner_id or owner_screen_name parameters.


optional The screen name or user ID of the user who owns the list being requested by a slug.


optional Returns results with an ID greater than (that is, more recent than) the specified ID. There are limits to the number of Tweets which can be accessed through the API. If the limit of Tweets has occurred since the since_id, the since_id will be forced to the oldest ID available.


optional Returns results with an ID less than (that is, older than) or equal to the specified ID.


optional Specifies the number of results to retrieve per "page."


optional When set to either true, t or 1, the list timeline will contain native retweets (if they exist) in addition to the standard stream of tweets. The output format of retweeted tweets is identical to the representation you see in home_timeline.


Logical indicating whether to convert the response object into an R list. Defaults to TRUE.


Every user should have their own Oauth (Twitter API) token. By default token = NULL this function looks for the path to a saved Twitter token via environment variables (which is what `create_token()` sets up by default during initial token creation). For instruction on how to create a Twitter token see the tokens vignette, i.e., `vignettes("auth", "rtweet")` or see ?tokens.



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Documentation reproduced from package rtweet, version 0.6.7, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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