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Tool for the 'Rxivist' API

Client for Rxivist API <https://rxivist.org/docs>, used for accessing information about preprints and their authors. Rxivist indexes preprints from bioRxiv, a free online archive for preprints in biology and life sciences, by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.


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Rxivist is developed and maintained by the Blekhman Lab at the University of Minnesota. It indexes articles from bioRxiv, a free preprint server by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This package is a client for Rxivist API and can be used to access:

  • Metadata on articles published on biorxiv, indexed in the Rxivist
  • Information about authors of the aforementioned articles
  • Usage statistics (e.g. number of downloads for specific paper)

Rxivist project is independent of biorxiv. For more information about Rxivist, please visit Rxivist website (https://rxivist.org/) or read the following articles:

  • Tracking the popularity and outcomes of all bioRxiv preprints. eLife. doi: 10.7554/eLife.45133.
  • Rxivist.org: Sorting biology preprints using social media and readership metrics. PLOS Biology. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3000269.


To install rxivistr package, run:


Using rxivistr

Load the package using library() function.


Use one of the following functions:

  • rxivist_search - retrieves articles with the matching description
  • article_details - retrieves data about a single paper and all of its authors
  • article_downloads - retrieves monthly download statistics for articles.
  • authors_rank - retrieves top 200 authors in the specified category.
  • author - provides information about the specified author.
  • category_list - retrieves a list of all categories
  • rxivist_stats - retrieves basic statistics about the number of articles indexed by the Rxivist.

The use of this package is explained in detail in the vignette and the Rxivist API documentation can be found at https://rxivist.org/docs.

Functions in rxivistr

Name Description
category_list Category list
check_args check_args
authors_rank Authors ranks
author Author
rxivist_stats rxivist stats
rxivist_search Search Rxivist
article_downloads Article downloads
article_details Article details
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