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Rxivist indexes articles from bioRxiv, a free preprint server by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This package is a client for the Rxivist API and can be used to access metadata from:

  • Metadata on articles published on biorxiv, indexed in the Rxivist
  • Information about authors of the aforementioned articles
  • Usage statistics (e.g. number of downloads for specific paper)


To install rxivistr package, run:


Using rxivistr

Load the package using library() function.


Package contains following functions:

  • rxivist_search - retrieves articles with the matching description
  • article_details - retrieves data about a single paper and all of its authors
  • article_downloads - retrieves monthly download statistics for articles.
  • authors_rank - retrieves top 200 authors in the specified category.
  • author - provides information about the specified author.
  • category_list - retrieves a list of all categories
  • rxivist_stats - retrieves basic statistics about the number of articles indexed by the Rxivist.

In the following text, examples are provided for each function.

Following function retrieves articles top 5 most downloaded articles related to COVID-19:

res <- rxivist_search(search_phrase = "COVID-19", from = "alltime", sortby = "downloads", limit = 5) dplyr::glimpse(res)


At the time of writing this vignette, the most downloaded article had an id 72514. With the following function we will retrieve information about this article:

res <- article_details(72514) dplyr::glimpse(res)


To investigate the number of downloads, article_downloads function can be used:



To retrieve top 200 authors based on the number of article downloads, authors_rank can be used:

res <- authors_rank() dplyr::glimpse(res)


With function author, we can retrieve more information about specific author.



This function returns a list of all categories to which articles are classified:



Returns information about the number of articles indexed by the Rxivist.

res <- rxivist_stats() dplyr::glimpse(res)