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Functions in salesforcer

Name Description
catch_errors Function to catch and print HTTP errors
extract_records_from_xml_node Pulls out a tibble of record info from an XML node
make_analytics_folder_child_operations_url Analytics Folder child operations URL generator
guess_object_name_from_soql Try to Guess the Object if User Does Not Specify for Bulk Queries
flatten_tbl_df Flatten list and convert to tibble
drop_attributes Remove Salesforce attributes data from list
make_analytics_folder_collections_url Analytics Folder collections URL generator
drop_attributes_recursively Recursively remove attributes data from list
accepted_controls_by_api Return the Accepted Control Arguments by API Type
make_analytics_folder_operations_url Analytics Folder operations URL generator
filter_valid_controls Filter Out Control Arguments by API or Operation
get_os Determine the host operating system
is_legit_token Check that token appears to be legitimate
drop_empty_recursively Remove all NULL or zero-length elements from list
make_analytics_notifications_list_url Analytics Notification list URL generator
make_bulk_get_job_url Bulk Get Job Generic URL Generator
make_base_metadata_url Base Metadata API URL Generator
list_extract_parent_and_child_result Extract tibble of a parent-child record from one JSON element
collapse_list_with_dupe_names Collapse Elements in List with Same Name
make_bulk_job_records_url Bulk Job Records URL Generator
extract_records_from_xml_nodeset_of_records Pulls out a tibble of record info from a nodeset of "records" elements
combine_parent_and_child_resultsets Bind the records from nested parent-to-child queries
extract_records_from_xml_nodeset Pulls out a tibble of record info from an XML node
check_and_encode_files Check that file paths exist and data is encoded if specified
make_analytics_folder_share_recipients_url Analytics Folder share recipients URL generator
make_analytics_folder_shares_url Analytics Folder shares URL generator
format_headers_for_verbose Format Headers for Printing
drop_nested_child_records Drop nested child records in a record
make_bulk_delete_job_url Bulk Delete Job Generic URL Generator
format_report_row Format a single "rows" element from a report fact map
make_analytics_folder_share_by_id_url Analytics Folder share by Id URL generator
make_analytics_notifications_limits_url Analytics Notification limits URL generator
make_bulk_end_job_generic_url Bulk End Job Generic URL Generator
compact2 Remove all zero-length elements from list ignoring AsIs elements
make_analytics_notification_operations_url Analytics Notification operations URL generator
make_chatter_users_url Chatter Users URL Generator
make_bulk_get_all_query_jobs_url Bulk Get All Query Jobs Generic URL Generator
make_query_url Query URL Generator
make_composite_batch_url Composite Batch URL Generator
make_bulk_get_all_jobs_url Bulk Get All Jobs Generic URL Generator
make_bulk_batches_url Bulk Batches URL Generator
make_base_soap_url Base SOAP API URL Generator
make_report_copy_url Report Copy URL generator
make_base_rest_url Base REST API URL Generator
make_bulk_query_result_url Bulk Query Result URL Generator
make_composite_url Composite URL Generator
make_dashboard_filter_options_analysis_url Dashboard filter options analysis URL generator
make_bulk_query_url Bulk Query URL Generator
make_bulk_batch_details_url Bulk Batch Details URL Generator
make_dashboard_copy_url Dashboard Copy URL generator
make_report_url Report URL generator
make_dashboard_status_url Dashboard status URL generator
make_report_filter_operators_list_url Report Filter Operator List URL generator
make_report_instance_url Report Instance URL generator
make_reports_list_url Reports List URL generator
make_report_create_url Report Create URL generator
make_report_type_describe_url Report Type Describe URL generator
make_report_types_list_url Report Type List URL generator
make_bulk_create_job_url Bulk Create Job URL Generator
make_report_describe_url Report Describe URL generator
make_parameterized_search_url Parameterized Search URL Generator
make_report_instances_list_url Report Instances List URL generator
make_report_query_url Report Query URL generator
make_login_url Login URL Generator
make_bulk_batch_status_url Bulk Batch Status URL Generator
make_dashboard_describe_url Dashboard describe URL generator
make_dashboard_filter_operators_list_url Dashboard filter operators list URL generator
make_dashboard_url Dashboard URL generator
make_dashboards_list_url Dashboard list URL generator
make_report_execute_url Report Execute URL generator
make_report_fields_url Report Fields URL generator
VERB_n Generic implementation of HTTP methods with retries and authentication
build_soap_xml_from_list Build XML Request Body
build_proxy Function to build a proxy object to pass along with httr requests
accepted_controls_by_operation Return the Accepted Control Arguments by Operation
build_metadata_xml_from_list Metadata List to XML Converter
bind_query_resultsets Bind the results of paginated queries
build_manifest_xml_from_list Bulk Binary Attachments Manifest List to XML Converter
catch_unknown_api Catch unknown API type
extract_nested_child_records Extract nested child records in a record
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