Panel-Corrected Covariance Matrix Estimation

Estimation of sandwich covariances a la Beck and Katz (1995) for panel data.

vcovPC(x, cluster = NULL, = NULL,
  pairwise = FALSE, sandwich = TRUE, fix = FALSE, …)

meatPC(x, cluster = NULL, = NULL, pairwise = FALSE, kronecker = TRUE, …)


a fitted model object.


a variable indicating the clustering of observations or a list (or data.frame) thereof. By default, either attr(x, "cluster") is used.

a variable indicating the aggregation within time periods.


logical. For unbalanced panels. Indicating whether the meat should be estimated pair- or casewise.


logical. Should the sandwich estimator be computed? If set to FALSE only the meat matrix is returned.


logical. Should the covariance matrix be fixed to be positive semi-definite in case it is not?


logical. Calculate the meat via the Kronecker-product, shortening the computation time for small matrices. For large matrices, set kronecker = FALSE.

arguments passed to the meatPC or estfun function, respectively.


vcovPC is a function for estimating Beck and Katz (1995) panel-corrected covariance matrix.

The function meatPC is the work horse for estimating the meat of Beck and Katz (1995) covariance matrix estimators. vcovPC is a wrapper calling sandwich and bread (Zeileis 2006).

Following Bailey and Katz (2011), there are two alternatives to estimate the meat for unbalanced panels. For pairwise = FALSE, a balanced subset of the panel is used, whereas for pairwise = TRUE, a pairwise balanced sample is employed.


A matrix containing the covariance matrix estimate.


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  • vcovPC
  • meatPC
library(sandwich) # NOT RUN { ## Petersen's data data("PetersenCL", package = "sandwich") m <- lm(y ~ x, data = PetersenCL) ## Beck and Katz (1995) standard errors ## balanced panel sqrt(diag(vcovPC(m, cluster = PetersenCL$firm, = PetersenCL$year))) ## unbalanced panel PU <- subset(PetersenCL, !(firm == 1 & year == 10)) pu_lm <- lm(y ~ x, data = PU) sqrt(diag(vcovPC(pu_lm, cluster = PU$firm, = PU$year, pairwise = TRUE))) sqrt(diag(vcovPC(pu_lm, cluster = PU$firm, = PU$year, pairwise = FALSE))) # }
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