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by Hadley Wickham

Scale functions for graphics.

Scales map data to aesthetics, and provide methods for automatically determining breaks and labels for axes and legends.

Functions in scales

Name Description
comma_format Comma formatter: format number with commas separating thousands.
hue_pal Hue palette (discrete).
atanh_trans Arc-tangent transformation.
alpha Modify colour transparency. Vectorised in both colour and alpha.
log_trans Log transformation.
as.trans Convert character string to transformer.
asn_trans Arc-sin square root transformation.
date_format Formatted dates.
brewer_pal Color Brewer palette (discrete).
dichromat_pal Dichromat (colour-blind) palette (discrete).
identity_pal Identity palette.
sqrt_trans Square-root transformation.
censor Censor any values outside of range.
extended_breaks Extended breaks. Uses Wilkinson's extended breaks algorithm as implemented in the labeling package.
col2hcl Modify standard R colour in hcl colour space.
package-scales Generic plot scaling methods
percent_format Percent formatter: multiply by one hundred and display percent sign.
grey_pal Grey scale palette (discrete).
rescale_pal Rescale palette (continuous).
trans_format Format labels after transformation.
log1p_trans Log plus one transformation.
cscale Continuous scale.
show_col Show colours.
date_trans Transformation for dates (class Date).
rescale_none Don't peform rescaling
exp_trans Exponential transformation (inverse of log transformation).
math_format Add arbitrary expression to a label. The symbol that will be replace by the label value is .x.
expand_range Expand a range with a multiplicative or additive constant.
boxcox_trans Box-Cox power transformation.
linetype_pal Line type palette (discrete).
identity_trans Identity transformation (do nothing).
dscale Discrete scale.
discard Discard any values outside of range.
time_trans Transformation for times (class POSIXt).
abs_area Point area palette (continuous), with area proportional to value.
muted Mute standard colour.
scientific_format Scientific formatter.
gradient_n_pal Arbitrary colour gradient palette (continous).
trans_breaks Pretty breaks on transformed scale.
cbreaks Compute breaks for continuous scale.
squish Squish values into range.
fullseq Generate sequence of fixed size intervals covering range.
shape_pal Shape palette (discrete).
squish_infinite Squish infinite values to range.
zero_range Determine if range of vector is close to zero, with a specified tolerance
parse_format Parse a text label to produce expressions for plotmath.
trans_new Create a new transformation object.
reverse_trans Reverse transformation.
seq_gradient_pal Sequential colour gradient palette (continous).
dollar_format Currency formatter: round to nearest cent and display dollar sign.
rescale_max Rescale numeric vector to have specified maximum.
date_breaks Regularly spaced dates.
log_breaks Log breaks (integer breaks on log-transformed scales).
probability_trans Probability transformation.
div_gradient_pal Diverging colour gradient (continous).
Range Mutable ranges.
format_format Format with using any arguments to format.
reciprocal_trans Reciprocal transformation.
pretty_breaks Pretty breaks. Uses default R break algorithm as implemented in pretty.
area_pal Point area palette (continuous).
manual_pal Manual palette (manual).
rescale Rescale numeric vector to have specified minimum and maximum.
rescale_mid Rescale numeric vector to have specified minimum, midpoint, and maximum.
trans_range Compute range of transformed values.
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