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Structural Equation Models

Functions for fitting general linear structural equation models (with observed and latent variables) using the RAM approach, and for fitting structural equations in observed-variable models by two-stage least squares.

Functions in sem

Name Description
ML.methods Methods for sem Objects Fit Using the objectiveML, objectiveGLS, objectiveFIML, msemObjectiveML, and msemObjectiveGLS Objective Functions
fscores Factor Scores for Latent Variables
objective.functions sem Objective-Function Builders
modIndices Modification Indices for Structural Equation Models
information.criteria Additional Information Criteria
readMoments Input a Covariance, Correlation, or Raw Moment Matrix
miSem Estimate a Structural Equation Model By Multiple Imputation
residuals.sem Residual Covariances for a Structural Equation Model
sem-deprecated Deprecated Functions in the sem Package
pathDiagram Draw Path Diagram
sem General Structural Equation Models
tsls Two-Stage Least Squares
ram RAM Matrix for a Structural-Equation Model
Klein Klein's Data on the U. S. Economy
rawMoments Compute Raw Moments Matrix
optimizers sem Optimizers
specifyModel Specify a Structural Equation Model
standardizedCoefficients Standardized Coefficients for Structural Equation Models
Bollen Bollen's Data on Industrialization and Political Democracy
CNES Variables from the 1997 Canadian National Election Study
effects.sem Total, Direct, and Indirect Effects for Structural Equation Models
Tests Six Mental Tests
bootSem Bootstrap a Structural Equation Model
Kmenta Partly Artificial Data on the U. S. Economy Holizinger and Swineford's Data
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