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Find, Download and Process Sentinel-2 Data

Functions to download Sentinel-2 optical images and perform preliminary processing operations. 'sen2r' provides the instruments required to easily perform (and eventually automate) the steps necessary to build a complete Sentinel-2 processing chain. A Graphical User Interface to facilitate data processing is also provided.

Functions in sen2r

Name Description
comsub Find the longest common starting substring or directory
editModPoly Shiny Module Server for Geo Create, Edit, Delete
install_aria2 Download and install aria2.
expand_path Expand a path with a parent directory
install_sen2cor Download and install (or link) Sen2Cor
print_message Print a message
gdal_warp Clip, reproject and warp raster files
gdal_formats_db Create the database of GDAL supported formats
path_check Check a path
gdal_abs2rel Convert absolute from/to relative paths in a virtual file
fix_envi_format Fix ENVI outputs
nn Replace NULL with character()
normalize_path Express file paths in canonical Form depending on the operating system
raster_metadata Get metadata from raster paths
load_extent_bbox Insert an extent
s2_calcindices Compute maps of spectral indices
give_write_permission Give permission to write settings on disk
init_python Initialise python
gdalwarp_grid Warp a raster file aligning it on the grid of another file
projpar Return a parameter used in a WRT projection
mountpoint Return the mountpoint of the input directory (if it is mounted)
raster2rgb Produce an RGB image from a singleband raster file.
s2_dop Return the Dates Of Passage over some orbits
s2_tiles Load Sentinel-2 tiles
s2_defNA Set NA value of a specific product type
safe_getMetadata Get information from S2 file name or metadata
safe_is_online Check if SAFE is available for download
s2_download Download S2 products.
s2_gui Launch the GUI for Sentinel-2 products
load_binpaths Load the paths of external executables
geograbber_process Preprocess (clip, reproject, reshape, mask) SAFE products
list_indices List spectral indices
s2_list Retrieve list of available S2 products.
s2_translate Convert from SAFE format
s2_mask Apply cloud masks
safe_shortname Rename products using a shorten convention
stack2rgb Produce an RGB image from a multiband raster file.
s2_merge Merge S2 tiles with the same date and orbit
s2_order Order S2 products.
s2_rgb Create RGB images from S2 reflectance products.
s2_thumbnails Create thumbnails for S2 products.
read_scihub_login Import / export / check SciHub username and password
str_pad2 Pad a string.
sen2r_getElements Get information from S2 short name
sen2r Find, download and preprocess Sentinel-2 images
tiles_intersects Select the tiles intersecting the extent
start_trace Trace functions which create files
smooth_mask Buffer cloud masks
st_crs2 Retrieve coordinate reference system from sf or sfc object
safelist-class Format for SAFE archive lists
sen2cor Correct L1C products using Sen2Cor
create_s2_dop Create the database of S2 orbits and doy of passage
build_example_param_file Build an example JSON parameter file
create_indices_db Create the indices database
check_gdal Check GDAL installation
compute_s2_paths Compute names of S2 file to be generated
check_param_list Check a parameter list
add_rgb_image Add RGB product
abs2rel Convert a path to a relative path
check_sen2r_deps Check package dependencies
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Type Package
License GPL-3
Encoding UTF-8
SystemRequirements GDAL (>= 2.1.2), PROJ (>= 4.9.1), GEOS (>= 3.4.2), Cairo, Curl, NetCDF, jq, Protocol Buffers, V8, OpenSSL, Libxml2.
VignetteBuilder knitr
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
Language en-GB
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-11-12 14:24:17 UTC; lranghetti
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-11-12 17:30:03 UTC

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