Register Seriation Methods from Package DendSer

Register the DendSer dendrogram seriation method and the ARc criterion (Earle and Hurley, 2015).

cluster, optimize

Registers the method "DendSer" for seriate. DendSer is a fast heuristic for reordering dendrograms developed by Earle and Hurley (2015) able to use different criteria. control for seriate with method "DendSer" accepts the following parameters:

"h" or "method"
A dendrogram or a method for hierarchical clustering (see hclust). Default: complete-link.
A seriation criterion to optimize (see list_criterion_methods("dist")). Default: "BAR" (Banded anti-Robinson from with 20% band width).
print progress information.
additional arguments for DendSer.

For convenience the following methods (for differnt cost functions) are also provided: "DendSer_ARc" (anti-robinson form), "DendSer_BAR" (banded anti-Robinson form), "DendSer_LS" (leaf seriation), "DendSer_PL" (path length).

Note: Package DendSer needs to be installed.


D. Earle, C. B. Hurley (2015): Advances in dendrogram seriation for application to visualization. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 24(1), 1--25.

See Also

seriate, DendSer in DendSer.

  • register_DendSer
  • DendSer
  • dendser
## Not run: ------------------------------------
# register_DendSer()
# list_seriation_methods("dist")
# d <- dist(random.robinson(20, pre=TRUE))
# ## use Banded AR form with default clustering (complete-link)
# o <- seriate(d, "DendSer_BAR")
# pimage(d, o)
# ## use different hclust method (Ward) and AR as the cost function for
# ## dendrogram reordering
# o <- seriate(d, "DendSer", control = list(method = "ward.D2", criterion = "AR"))
# pimage(d, o)
## ---------------------------------------------
Documentation reproduced from package seriation, version 1.2-2, License: GPL-3

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