Register a Genetic Algorithm Seriation Method

Register a GA-based seriation metaheuristic.

cluster, optimize

Registers the method "GA" for seriate. This method can be used to optimize any criterion in package seriation. control for seriate with method "GA" accepts the following parameters:

criterion to optimize. Default: BAR
suggestions to warm start the GA. NA means no warm start. Default: TSP, QAP_LS and Spectral.
Selection operator (see GA). Default: non-linear rank selection
Crossover operator (see GA). Default: ordered crossover (OX)
Mutation operator (see GA). Default: a mixture of the simple insertion (80% chance) and simple inversion (20% chance) operators.
proability for permutations. Default: .5
probability for crossover. Default: .2
the population size. Default: 100
maximum number of generations. Default: 1000
stop after run generations without improvement. Default: 50
use multiple cores? Default: TRUE
Report progress? Default: TRUE

The GA uses by default the ordered cross-over (OX) operator. For mutation, the GA uses a mixture of simple insertion and simple inversion operators. This mixed operator is created using seriation::gaperm_mixedMutation(ismProb = .8), where ismProb is the probability that the simple insertion mutation operator is used. See package GA for a description of other available cross-over and mutation operators for permutaitons. The appropriate operator functions in GA start with gaperm_.

We warm start the GA using "suggestions" given by several heuristics. Set "suggestions" to NA to start with a purely random initial population.

Note: Package GA needs to be installed.


Luca Scrucca (2013): GA: A Package for Genetic Algorithms in R. Journal of Statistical Software, 53(4), 1--37. URL

See Also

seriate, ga in GA.

  • register_GA
  • GA
  • ga
  • gaperm_mixedMutation
## Not run: ------------------------------------
# register_GA()
# list_seriation_methods("dist")
# d <- dist(random.robinson(50, pre=TRUE, noise=.1))
# ## use default settings: Banded AR form
# o <- seriate(d, "GA")
# pimage(d, o)
# ## optimize for linear sertiation criterion (LS)
# o <- seriate(d, "GA", control = list(criterion = "LS"))
# pimage(d, o)
# ## no warm start
# o <- seriate(d, "GA", control = list(criterion = "LS", suggestions = NA))
# pimage(d, o)
## ---------------------------------------------
Documentation reproduced from package seriation, version 1.2-2, License: GPL-3

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