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A Simple HTTP Server to Serve Static Files or Dynamic Documents

Start an HTTP server in R to serve static files, or dynamic documents that can be converted to HTML files (e.g., R Markdown) under a given directory.



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A simple HTTP server to serve files under a given directory based on the httpuv package.

You can install this package from CRAN (stable version) or XRAN (development version):

install.packages('servr')  # stable version; use a CRAN mirror, or
install.packages('servr', repos = '')  # devel version

This package is licensed under GPL.

Serve static files

To some degree, this package is like python -m SimpleHTTPServer or python -m http.server. It may be used to serve:

You can either run servr::httd() in an interactive R session, or run from command line:

# default: port 4321, do not launch browser
Rscript -e 'servr::httd()'

# open a web browser
Rscript -e 'servr::httd()' -b

# listen on port 4000
Rscript -e 'servr::httd()' -p4000

# pass arguments to the httd() function
Rscript -e 'servr::httd(,4000,TRUE)'

There is also a shell script under system.file('bin', package = 'servr'); if it is added to PATH, you can simply run

servr  # serve the current directory
servr -b  # launch the browser
servr -b -p4000  # change port to 4000

Serve and watch a directory

Similar to httd(), the function httw() can both serve and watch a directory. If you are viewing an HTML file in the browser, it will be automatically refreshed whenever there are any changes in the directory (e.g. you added, deleted, or modified certain files in the directory).

Serve dynamic documents

Besides httd(), there are functions jekyll(), rmdv1(), and rmdv2() in this package to serve HTML files generated from R Markdown documents (via knitr or rmarkdown). R Markdown documents can be automatically re-compiled when their HTML output files are older than the corresponding source files, and HTML pages in the web browser can be automatically refreshed accordingly, so you can focus on writing R Markdown documents, and results will be updated on the fly in the web browser. This is even more useful when you write R Markdown documents in the RStudio IDE, because the HTML files are displayed in the RStudio viewer pane, and you can put the source document and its output side by side.

Jekyll with servr and knitr

Serve package vignettes

The function vign() can be used to serve R Markdown/HTML package vignettes. The HTML output files are generated and displayed in the web browser so you can preview the vignettes, and they will be cleaned up after they are loaded in the web browser to make sure your source package is clean.

Daemonized server

All server functions can be used in the daemonized mode, i.e., they can be non-blocking in the R session, which allows you to continue working in the R console after the server is launched. This mode can be set via the argument daemon = TRUE in most server functions. See ?server_config for more information.

Functions in servr

Name Description
jekyll Serve R Markdown based websites
httd Serve static files under a directory
vign Serve R Markdown/HTML package vignettes
daemon_stop Utilities for daemonized servers
browse_last Reopen the last browsed page
make Serve files under a directory based on GNU Make
notebook Serve R notebooks
serve_example A convenience function to serve examples in this package
server_config Server configurations
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Packaged 2018-10-23 16:39:35 UTC; yihui
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