Convert foreign geometry object to an sfc object

Convert foreign geometry object to an sfc object

# S3 method for list
st_as_sfc(x, ..., crs = NA_crs_)

# S3 method for blob st_as_sfc(x, ...)

# S3 method for bbox st_as_sfc(x, ...)

# S3 method for WKB st_as_sfc(x, ..., EWKB = FALSE, spatialite = FALSE, pureR = FALSE, crs = NA_crs_)

# S3 method for raw st_as_sfc(x, ...)

# S3 method for character st_as_sfc(x, crs = NA_integer_, ..., GeoJSON = FALSE)

# S3 method for factor st_as_sfc(x, ...)

st_as_sfc(x, ...)

# S3 method for SpatialPoints st_as_sfc(x, ..., precision = 0)

# S3 method for SpatialPixels st_as_sfc(x, ..., precision = 0)

# S3 method for SpatialMultiPoints st_as_sfc(x, ..., precision = 0)

# S3 method for SpatialLines st_as_sfc(x, ..., precision = 0, forceMulti = FALSE)

# S3 method for SpatialPolygons st_as_sfc(x, ..., precision = 0, forceMulti = FALSE)

# S3 method for map st_as_sfc(x, ...)


object to convert


further arguments


integer or character; coordinate reference system for the


logical; if TRUE, parse as EWKB (extended WKB; PostGIS: ST_AsEWKB), otherwise as ISO WKB (PostGIS: ST_AsBinary)


logical; if TRUE, WKB is assumed to be in the spatialite dialect, see; this is only supported in native endian-ness (i.e., files written on system with the same endian-ness as that on which it is being read).


logical; if TRUE, use only R code, if FALSE, use compiled (C++) code; use TRUE when the endian-ness of the binary differs from the host machine (.Platform$endian).


logical; if TRUE, try to read geometries from GeoJSON text strings geometry, see st_crs()


precision value; see st_as_binary


logical; if TRUE, force coercion into MULTIPOLYGON or MULTILINE objects, else autodetect


When converting from WKB, the object x is either a character vector such as typically obtained from PostGIS (either with leading "0x" or without), or a list with raw vectors representing the features in binary (raw) form.

If x is a character vector, it should be a vector containing well-known-text, or Postgis EWKT or GeoJSON representations of a single geometry for each vector element.

If x is a factor, it is converted to character.

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wkb = structure(list("01010000204071000000000000801A064100000000AC5C1441"), class = "WKB")
st_as_sfc(wkb, EWKB = TRUE)
wkb = structure(list("0x01010000204071000000000000801A064100000000AC5C1441"), class = "WKB")
st_as_sfc(wkb, EWKB = TRUE)
st_as_sfc(st_as_binary(st_sfc(st_point(0:1)))[[1]], crs = 4326)
st_as_sfc("SRID=3978;LINESTRING(1663106 -105415,1664320 -104617)")
# }
Documentation reproduced from package sf, version 0.7-4, License: GPL-2 | MIT + file LICENSE

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