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Functions for Plotting Graphical Shapes, Colors

Functions for plotting graphical shapes such as ellipses, circles, cylinders, arrows, ...

Functions in shape

Name Description
A4 opens A4-sized window
Arrowhead adds arrowheads to a plot
plotellipse adds part of a colored and rotated ellipse to a plot
writelabel adds a label next to a plot
rotatexy rotates 2-column matrix around a midpoint
filledcircle adds colored circle to a plot
filledcylinder adds a colored and rotated cylinder to a plot
emptyplot open a plot without axes, labels,...
Arrows adds arrows with improved arrowhead to a plot
femmecol red-green-blue color palette
getellipse x-y coordinates of ellipse
colorlegend adds a color legend to a plot.
intpalette color palettes
greycol white-black color palette
plotcircle adds part of a colored circle to a plot
shape-package Functions for plotting graphical shapes, colors
filledellipse adds a colored and rotated ellipse to a plot
textflag adds a filled rounded rectangular box with a text to a plot
filledmultigonal adds a colored and rotated multigonal shape to a plot
roundrect adds a rounded rectangular box to a plot
shadepalette color palette inbetween two extremes
cylindersegment adds part of a cylinder to a plot
drapecol draping colors over a persp plot
filledrectangle adds a colored and rotated rectangle to a plot
filledshape adds a colored shape to a plot
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