Create date input

Creates a text input which, when clicked on, brings up a calendar that the user can click on to select dates.

dateInput(inputId, label, value = NULL, min = NULL, max = NULL,
  format = "yyyy-mm-dd", startview = "month", weekstart = 0,
  language = "en")

The date format string specifies how the date will be displayed in the browser. It allows the following values:

  • yyYear without century (12)
  • yyyyYear with century (2012)
  • mmMonth number, with leading zero (01-12)
  • mMonth number, without leading zero (01-12)
  • MAbbreviated month name
  • MMFull month name
  • ddDay of month with leading zero
  • dDay of month without leading zero
  • DAbbreviated weekday name
  • DDFull weekday name

See Also

dateRangeInput, updateDateInput

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dateInput("date", "Date:", value = "2012-02-29")

# Default value is the date in client's time zone
dateInput("date", "Date:")

# value is always yyyy-mm-dd, even if the display format is different
dateInput("date", "Date:", value = "2012-02-29", format = "mm/dd/yy")

# Pass in a Date object
dateInput("date", "Date:", value = Sys.Date()-10)

# Use different language and different first day of week
dateInput("date", "Date:",
          language = "de",
          weekstart = 1)

# Start with decade view instead of default month view
dateInput("date", "Date:",
          startview = "decade")
Documentation reproduced from package shiny, version 0.9.1, License: GPL-3

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