Create a function that updates a folder tree based on the given restrictions

This functions returns a new function that will handle updating the folder tree. It is the folder equivalent of fileGetter() but functions slightly different as it needs to handle expanded branches of the folder hierarchy rather than just the content of a single directory at a time. The returned function takes a representation of a folder hierarchy along with the root to where it belongs and updates the tree to correspond with the current state of the file system, without altering expansions etc.

dirGetter(roots, restrictions, filetypes, hidden = FALSE)

A named vector of absolute filepaths or a function returning a named vector of absolute filepaths (the latter is useful if the volumes should adapt to changes in the filesystem).


A vector of directories within the root that should be filtered out of the results


Currently unused


A logical value specifying whether hidden files should be returned or not


A function taking a list representation of a folder hierarchy along with the name of the root where it starts. See traverseDirs() for a description of the format for the list representation.

  • dirGetter
Documentation reproduced from package shinyFiles, version 0.7.5, License: GPL (>= 2)

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