Create a function that returns fileinfo according to the given restrictions

This functions returns a new function that can generate file information to be send to a shiny app based on a path relative to the given root. The function is secure in the sense that it prevents access to files outside of the given root directory as well as to subdirectories matching the ones given in restrictions. Furthermore can the output be filtered to only contain certain filetypes using the filter parameter and hidden files can be toggled with the hidden parameter.

fileGetter(roots, restrictions, filetypes, pattern, hidden = FALSE)

A named vector of absolute filepaths or a function returning a named vector of absolute filepaths (the latter is useful if the volumes should adapt to changes in the filesystem).


A vector of directories within the root that should be filtered out of the results


A character vector of file extensions (without dot in front i.e. 'txt' not '.txt') to include in the output. Use the empty string to include files with no extension. If not set all file types will be included


A regular expression used to select files to show. See base::grepl() for additional discussion on how to construct a regular expression (e.g., "log.*\.txt")


A logical value specifying whether hidden files should be returned or not


A function taking a single path relative to the specified root, and returns a list of files to be passed on to shiny

  • fileGetter
Documentation reproduced from package shinyFiles, version 0.7.5, License: GPL (>= 2)

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