shinyMlr v1.0

A graphical user interface for machine learning in R

shinyMlr wraps the functionalities of the R-package mlr into a graphical user-interface built with shiny. This enables the user to conduct all steps of the machine learning workflow from his browser.


shinyMlr: Integration of the mlr package into shiny

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With help of this package mlr can be accessed via a shiny interface.

This project has started last year and contains now mlr's major functionalities:

  • Data import
  • Data exploration and preprocessing
  • Creating regression or classification tasks
  • Making use of any mlr learner
  • Tuning of learner hyper parameters
  • Training and predicting a model
  • Benchmark experiments with different learners and measures
  • Many visualisations

Installation and starting shinyMlr

You can simply install the package from github:


Starting shinyMlr:


Problems with rJava on OSX Yosemite

If rJava fails to load, this link might be helpful!

Functions in shinyMlr

Name Description
runShinyMlr Run shinyMlr
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