shinydashboard (version 0.7.2)

infoBox: Create an info box for the main body of a dashboard.


An info box displays a large icon on the left side, and a title, value (usually a number), and an optional smaller subtitle on the right side. Info boxes are meant to be placed in the main body of a dashboard.


infoBox(title, value = NULL, subtitle = NULL,
  icon = shiny::icon("bar-chart"), color = "aqua", width = 4,
  href = NULL, fill = FALSE)



Title text.


The value to display in the box. Usually a number or short text.


Subtitle text (optional).


An icon tag, created by icon.


A color for the box. Valid colors are listed in validColors.


The width of the box, using the Bootstrap grid system. This is used for row-based layouts. The overall width of a region is 12, so the default valueBox width of 4 occupies 1/3 of that width. For column-based layouts, use NULL for the width; the width is set by the column that contains the box.


An optional URL to link to.


If FALSE (the default), use a white background for the content, and the color argument for the background of the icon. If TRUE, use the color argument for the background of the content; the icon will use the same color with a slightly darkened background.

See Also

box for usage examples.

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