slidify v0.3.3

Generate reproducible html5 slides from R markdown

This package provides a tool to generate reproducible html5 slides from R Markdown files. It supports multiple html5 slide frameworks.



Slidify helps you create and publish beautiful HTML5 presentations from RMarkdown

Getting Started


Slidify is still under heavy development. You can install it from github using the devtools package. You will also need slidifyLibraries which contains all external libraries required by slidify.

install_github('slidify', 'ramnathv')
install_github('slidifyLibraries', 'ramnathv')


You can initialize a presentation by running create. This will create a scaffold for your presentation and open an Rmd file for you to edit.



Write your presentation in RMarkdown, using a newline followed by three dashes to separate slides. You can mix markdown with code chunks to create a reproducible slide deck.


Generate your presentation by running slidify. This will create a static HTML5 presentation that you can open locally in your browser.



# publish to github
# create an empty repo on github. replace USER and REPO with your repo details
publish(user = USER, repo = REPO) 

# publish to rpubs
publish(title = 'My Deck', 'index.html', host = 'rpubs')


Slidify is designed to be modular and provides a high degree of customization for the more advanced user. You can access the defaults using slidifyDefaults(). It is possible to override options by passing it to slidify as a named list or as a yaml file.

framework      : slide generation framework to use
theme          : theme to use for styling slide content
highlighter    : tool to use for syntax highlighting
hitheme        : style to use for syntax highlighting
mode           : selfcontained, standalone, draft
url            : paths to lib
widgets        : widgets to include

Slidify makes it easy to create, customize and publish, reproducible HTML5 slide decks from R Markdown.

It is designed to make it very easy for a HTML novice to generate a crisp, visually appealing HTML5 slide deck, while at the same time giving advanced users several options to customize their presentation.

The guiding philosophy of slidify is to completely separate writing of content from its rendering, so that content can be written once in R Markdown, and rendered as an HTML5 presentation using any of the HTML5 slide frameworks supported.

Functions in slidify

Name Description
publish_github Publish slide deck to Github
slidify Convert an Rmd document into HTML5 using a framework
publish_rpubs Publish slide deck to rPubs
publish Publish slide deck
slidifyDefaults Set default options for slidify
publish_dropbox Publish slide deck to Dropbox
slidify-package Create stunning presentations from R Markdown
author Author a slide deck
parse_deck Parse deck into metdata and slide elements
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Date 2012-10-18
License MIT
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