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Client for OGC Sensor Observation Services

A client for Sensor Observation Services (SOS, see <>) as specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). With the package users can retrieve (meta)data from SOS instances and interactively create requests for near real-time observation data based on the available sensors, phenomena, observations etc. using thematic, temporal, and spatial filtering.

Functions in sos4R

Name Description
GetObservation Request data with GetObservation and GetObservationById requests
Coercion Coercion of SOS objects to Spatial classes
Constants Constants in sos4R
OmMeasurement Class and Construction Function for om:Measurement Elements
OGC Classes and Construction Functions for the OGC Namespace
MonitoringPoint-class Class "WmlMonitoringPoint"
OmOM_Observation-class Class "OmOM_Observation"
SosEventTime Classes and Construction Functions for sos:eventTime elements.
OWS Classes and Construction Functions for Elements of the OWS Namespace
getFeatureOfInterest Function retrieving features of interest, i.e. the representations of the real world features that are observed and for which observations are provided.
SosFeatureOfInterest-class Class and Construction Function for "SosFeatureOfInterest"
SosCapabilities Class and Construction Function for "SosCapabilities"
OmObservation-class Classes for om:Observation Elements
Defaults Default Parameter Settings and Handling Functions
parse Parsing Functions for XML Documents and Elements
DescribeSensor Retrieve Sensor Descriptions from a SOS
GML Classes and Construction Functions from the GML Namespace
SA Classes of the Namespace sa
SWE Classes and Construction Functions for the SWE Namespace
SosGetDataAvailability_1.0.0-class Class and construction function for "GetDataAvailability" operation
SML Classes of the Namespace sml
SOS Class, and Construction and Accessor Functions for "SOS"
SosObservationOffering-class Classes and Related Functions for "SosObservationOffering"
SAMS Classes and creation functions for Sampling Features
SosBindings Bindings and Connecition Methods of OGC Sensor Observation Service
SosGetFeatureOfInterest_2.0.0-class Class "SosGetFeatureOfInterest_2.0.0"
SosFilter_Capabilities-class Classes and Construction Functions for "SosFilter_Capabilities" Elements
OmObservationCollection Class "OmObservationCollection"
encodeRequestKVP-methods Methods for Encoding Requests to SOS in KVP Format
sosObservableProperties-methods Methods for Function sosObservableProperties in Package sos4R
SosContents-class Class and Construction Function of "SosContents"
phenomena Function retrieve phenomena of a SOS v2.0
sosRequest-methods Send Request to SOS
encodeRequestSOAP-methods Methods for Encoding Requests to SOS in SOAP Format
encodeXML-methods Encode Classes as XML
siteList This function queries a SOS v2.0 for its sites and returns them as data.frame
encodeRequestXML-methods Methods for Encoding Requests to SOS in XML Format
SweTextEncoding-class Class "SweTextEncoding"
sites This function queries a SOS v2.0 for its sites and returns them as SpatialPointsDataFrame
getData This function queries a SOS v2.0 for time series data
getCapabilities-methods Request Capabilities from a SOS
TM_Operators Classes and Construction Methods for Temporal Operator Classes
sos4R-package A client for the OGC Sensor Observation Service
Supported Functions to Access Supported Features of the Current sos4R Implementation
WML Classes, creation, and parsing functions for WaterML
encodeKVP-methods Encode Classes as KVP
sosConvertString SOS Conversion functions for Observation Results
sosCreate Convenience Functions for Request Parameter Creations
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Type Package
Date 2020-06-09
License GPL-2
Encoding UTF-8
LazyLoad TRUE
ByteCompile TRUE
VignetteBuilder knitr
Collate Constants.R caches.R R-Helper.R Class-OWS.R Class-GML.R Class-SWE.R Class-OM.R Class-SA.R Class-SAMS.R Class-WML_200.R Class-OM_20.R Class-OGC.R Class-SOS.R Class-SOS_100.R Class-SOS_200.R Class-SOS_200_GDA.R Class-SML.R Generic-methods.R OWS-methods.R OWS-methods-parsing.R SOS-methods-parsing.R OM-methods.R OM-methods-coercion.R OM-methods-parsing.R OM_20-methods-parsing.R OM_20-methods.R SA-methods.R GML-methods-util.R GML-methods.R GML-methods-coercion.R SWE-methods.R SML-methods.R GML-methods-parsing.R SWE-methods-parsing.R OGC-methods.R SOS-methods-accessor.R PrintShowStructureSummmary-methods.R SOS-methods-util.R SOS-methods.R SOS-methods-plotting.R SOS-methods-coercion.R SML-methods-util.R SML-methods-coercion.R SOS_200-methods-impl.R SOS_200-methods.R SOS_200-methods-parsing.R SOS_200_methods-gda.R WML_200-methods.R SAMS-methods.R Defaults.R Wrapper-methods.R Development.R
RoxygenNote 7.1.0
Language en-GB
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-07-09 12:43:41 UTC; daniel
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-07-09 14:00:07 UTC

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