Class "Spatial"

An abstract class from which useful spatial classes are derived


The default aspect for map plots is 1; if however data are not projected (coordinates are longlat), the aspect is by default set to 1/cos(My * pi)/180) with My the y coordinate of the middle of the map (the mean of ylim, which defaults to the y range of bounding box).

The argument setParUsrBB may be used to pass the logical value TRUE to functions within plot.Spatial. When set to TRUE, par(usr) will be overwritten with c(xlim, ylim), which defaults to the bounding box of the spatial object. This is only needed in the particular context of graphic output to a specified device with given width and height, to be matched to the spatial object, when using par(xaxs) and par(yaxs) in addition to par(mar=c(0,0,0,0)).

Objects from the Class

are never to be generated; only derived classes can be meaningful


this class is not useful in itself, but all spatial classes in this package derive from it

See Also

SpatialPoints-class, SpatialGrid-class, SpatialPointsDataFrame-class, SpatialGridDataFrame-class,

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