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Functions in spam

Name Description
adjacency Administrative districts of Germany
chol Cholesky Factorization for Sparse Matrices
Coercion Coercion to a Vector
cleanup Cleaning up sparse matrices
coerce-methods Force a spam Object to Belong to a Class
head Return the First or Last Part of an Object
grid_zoom grid_zoom
circulant Create Circulant Matrices
Math Mathematical functions
crossprod Spam Matrix Crossproduct Meta-data about administrative districts of Germany
det Calculate the determinant of a positive definite Sparse Matrix
spam-defunct Defunct Objects in Package spam
map.landkreis Administrative districts of Germany
diff Lagged Differences
grid_trace2 Two trace plots and a scatter plot.
Math2 Rounding of Numbers
covmat Covariance functions
nearestdist Distance Matrix Computation
dim Dimensions of an Object
complexity Complexity for Sparse Matrices
foreign Transformation to other sparse formats
diag Sparse Matrix diagonals
image Display a spam Object as Color Image
import Read External Matrix Formats
large_matrix Large 64-bit matrices require the R package spam64
toeplitz Create Toeplitz Matrices
s3only Wappers for Sparse Matrices
spam operations Basic Linear Algebra for Sparse Matrices
spam solve Linear Equation Solving for Sparse Matrices
options Options Settings
triplet Transform a spam format to triplets
germany.plot Plot administrative districts of Germany
powerboost Specific options Setting
ordering Extract the permutation
. SPAM . SPArse Matrix Package
spam-class Class "spam"
makeprec Create Precision Matrices
spam.chol.NgPeyton-class Class "spam.chol.NgPeyton"
lower.tri Lower and Upper Triangular Part of a Sparse Matrix
spam methods Methods for sparse matrices
precmat IGMRF Precision Matrices
mle Maximum likelihood estimates
display Graphially Represent the Nonzero Entries
print Printing and summarizing sparse matrices
eigen Eigenvalues for Sparse Matrices
spam Sparse Matrix Class
random Create Random spam Matrices
isSymmetric Test if a spam matrix is Symmetric
pad Padding a (sparse) matrix
kronecker Kronecker Products on Sparse Matrices
rowSums Form Row and Column Sums and Means
permutation Permute a matrix
rmvnorm.const Draw Constrainted Multivariate Normals
spam internal Spam internal and auxiliary functions
fields wrapper Wrapper for Distance Matrix Computation
rmvnorm Draw Multivariate Normals
Summary Rounding of Numbers
cbind Combine spam Matrices by Rows or Columns
validate_spam Validate a spam objects
version Spam Version Information
bdiag Binds Arrays Corner-to-Corner
Oral Oral Cavity Cancer
UScounties Adjacency structure of the counties in the contiguous United States
bandwidth Bandwidth of a Sparse Matrix
apply Apply Functions Over Sparse Matrix Margins
allequal Test if Two 'spam' Objects are (Nearly) Equal
USprecip Monthly total precipitation (mm) for April 1948 in the contiguous United States
constructors Slot modification
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