sparkapi v0.3.22

by Javier Luraschi

Spark API Interface

Low-level socket-based interface to calling the Spark API via the RBackend server included in Spark.



This project was merged back to sparklyr. Please visit for information.

Functions in sparkapi

Name Description
invoke Execute a method on a remote Java object
connection_config Read configuration values for a connection
register_extension Register a package that implements a sparkapi extension
%>% Pipe operator
connection_is_open Check whether the connection is open
java_context Get the JavaSparkContext associated with a connection
invoke_method Generic call interface for spark shell
hive_context Get the HiveContext associated with a connection
print_jobj Generic method for print jobj for a connection type
spark_compile Compiles scala sources and packages into a jar file
start_shell Start the Spark R Shell
spark_dataframe Get the Spark DataFrame associated with an object
spark_connection Get the spark_connection associated with an object
spark_context Get the SparkContext associated with a connection
spark_version Version of Spark for a connection
spark_dependency Define a Spark dependency
spark_web Open the Spark web interface
spark_log Retrieves entries from the Spark log
spark_jobj Get the spark_jobj associated with an object
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Type Package
License file LICENSE
Encoding UTF-8
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 5.0.1

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