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R Functions for Working with Spatial Data

Spatial functions meant to enhance the core functionality of the package "raster", including a parallel processing engine for use with rasters.

Functions in

Name Description
spatial_sync_raster Spatially Sync Rasters
predict_rasterEngine Model predictions (including Raster* objects)
sfQuickInit Quickly initializes a parallel cluster and registers it with foreach.
subset_raster_by_names Subsets a raster based on its layer names
tahoe_lidar_highesthit.tif Lidar-derived highest hit (aka canopy) digital elevation model from the Lake Tahoe Basin.
which.min.simple Location of Minimum Value
sfQuickStop Quickly stops a parallel snowfall cluster and deregisters it from foreach.
tahoe_lidar_bareearth.tif Lidar-derived bare earth digital elevation model from the Lake Tahoe Basin.
which.max.simple Location of Maximum Value
tahoe_highrez_training Point and polygon files for use with
tahoe_highrez.tif High resolution false color infrared image from the Lake Tahoe Basin.
spatial_sync_vector Matches a vector's projection to another vector or raster object's projection.
create_blank_raster Create an empty raster and header.
build_raster_header Builds a raster header for a flat binary file.
brickstack_to_raster_list Converts a RasterBrick/RasterStack to a list of RasterLayers
bbox_to_SpatialPolygons Create a SpatialPolygons Bounding Box
binary_image_write Writes image data to a flat binary file using col/row/band positioning.
add_leading_zeroes Add Leading Zeroes to a Numeric Vector
modify_raster_margins Add/subtract rows and columns from Raster*
getValuesBlock_stackfix Get a block of raster cell values (optimization fix for RasterStacks)
getValuesBlock_enhanced Easier-to-use function for grabbing a block of data out of a Raster*.
projectRaster_rigorous Performs an area-weighted resampling of raster datasets.
rasterEngine Engine for performing fast, easy-to-develop pixel and focal raster calculations with parallel processing capability.
raster_to_filenames Extract filenames from all Raster* objects.
raster_to_IGM Creates an input geometry (IGM) file from a raster
raster_to_GLT Creates a geometry lookup (GLT) file from a raster
fix_extent Forces a list of Raster*s to all have the same extent.
remove_file_extension remove_file_extension
list.raster.files Spiders a directory for raster files.
focal_hpc Engine for performing fast, easy-to-develop pixel and focal raster calculations with parallel processing capability.
is.Raster Tests if an input is a RasterLayer, RasterBrick, or a RasterStack.
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Date 2018-04-22
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-04-22 23:39:39 UTC; jgrn307
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Date/Publication 2018-04-23 03:27:15 UTC

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