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Functions for Kriging and Point Pattern Analysis

Functions for kriging and point pattern analysis.

Functions in spatial

Name Description
Strauss Simulates Strauss Spatial Point Process
surf.gls Fits a Trend Surface by Generalized Least-squares
Kfn Compute K-fn of a Point Pattern
ppgetregion Get Domain for Spatial Point Pattern Analyses
semat Evaluate Kriging Standard Error of Prediction over a Grid
ppinit Read a Point Process Object from a File
trmat Evaluate Trend Surface over a Grid
trls.influence Regression diagnostics for trend surfaces
Psim Simulate Binomial Spatial Point Process
Kaver Average K-functions from Simulations
prmat Evaluate Kriging Surface over a Grid
variogram Compute Spatial Variogram
correlogram Compute Spatial Correlograms
expcov Spatial Covariance Functions
anova.trls Anova tables for fitted trend surface objects
SSI Simulates Sequential Spatial Inhibition Point Process
ppregion Set Domain for Spatial Point Pattern Analyses
predict.trls Predict method for trend surface fits Fits a Trend Surface by Least-squares
Kenvl Compute Envelope and Average of Simulations of K-fns
pplik Pseudo-likelihood Estimation of a Strauss Spatial Point Process
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