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Functions for Kriging and Point Pattern Analysis

Functions for kriging and point pattern analysis.

Functions in spatial

Name Description
expcov Spatial Covariance Functions
ppinit Read a Point Process Object from a File
Psim Simulate Binomial Spatial Point Process
Kaver Average K-functions from Simulations
pplik Pseudo-likelihood Estimation of a Strauss Spatial Point Process
prmat Evaluate Kriging Surface over a Grid
semat Evaluate Kriging Standard Error of Prediction over a Grid
SSI Simulates Sequential Spatial Inhibition Point Process
Strauss Simulates Strauss Spatial Point Process
variogram Compute Spatial Variogram
Kenvl Compute Envelope and Average of Simulations of K-fns
trls.influence Regression diagnostics for trend surfaces
correlogram Compute Spatial Correlograms
surf.gls Fits a Trend Surface by Generalized Least-squares
anova.trls Anova tables for fitted trend surface objects
trmat Evaluate Trend Surface over a Grid Fits a Trend Surface by Least-squares
ppregion Set Domain for Spatial Point Pattern Analyses
predict.trls Predict method for trend surface fits
ppgetregion Get Domain for Spatial Point Pattern Analyses
Kfn Compute K-fn of a Point Pattern
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