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Spatial Analysis and Modelling Utilities

Utilities to support spatial data manipulation, query, sampling and modelling. Functions include models for species population density, download utilities for climate and global deforestation spatial products, spatial smoothing, multivariate separability, point process model for creating pseudo- absences and sub-sampling, polygon and point-distance landscape metrics, auto-logistic model, sampling models, cluster optimization, statistical exploratory tools and raster-based metrics.

Functions in spatialEco

Name Description
daymet.point DAYMET point values
daymet.tiles DAYMET Tile ID's
download.hansen Download Hansen Forest 2000-2013 Change
focal.lmetrics Focal landscape metrics
extract.vertices Extract vertices for polygons or lines
download.prism Download PRISM
local.min.max Local minimum and maximum
loess.boot Loess Bootstrap
collinear Collinearity test
overlap Niche overlap (Warren's-I)
class.comparison Class comparison between two nominal rasters
combine raster combine
parea.sample Percent area sample
classBreaks Class breaks
background Background sample
ants Ant Biodiversity Data
print.loess.boot Print Loess bootstrap model Various correlation structures
correlogram Correlogram Class comparison between two nominal rasters
divergence divergence
download.daymet Download DAYMET
proximity.index Proximity Index
raster.kendall Kendall tau trend with continuity correction for raster time-series
raster.mds Raster multidimensional scaling (MDS)
crossCorrelation Spatial cross correlation
idw.smoothing Inverse Distance Weighted smoothing
insert Insert a row or column into a data.frame
erase.point Erase points
pseudo.absence Pseudo-absence random samples
logistic.regression Logistic and Auto-logistic regression Loess with confidence intervals
pu Biodiversity Planning Units
effect.size Cohen's-d effect size
trend.line trend.line
stratified.random Stratified random sample
subsample.distance Distance-based subsampling
trasp Solar-radiation Aspect Index
elev Elevation raster
raster.Zscore Modified z-score for a raster
random.raster Random raster
rasterCorrelation Raster correlation
fuzzySum Fuzzy Sum
gaussian.kernel Gaussian Kernel
knn Spatial K nearest neighbor
explode Explodes multipart features
remove.holes Remove polygon holes
land.metrics Landscape metrics for points and polygons
hexagons Hexagons
hli Heat Load Index
is.whole is.whole
nth.values Nth values
parse.bits Parse bits
o.ring Inhomogeneous O-ring
partial.cor Partial and Semi-partial correlation
shannons Shannon's Diversity (Entropy) Index
shift shift
bearing.distance Bearing and Distance
kde.2D 2-dimensional kernel density estimate
srr Surface Relief Ratio Spherical Variance or Standard Deviation of Surface
sample.annulus Sample annulus
sample.line Systematic or random point sample of line(s)
mwCorr Dutilleul moving window bivariate raster correlation
DAYMET_tiles DAYMET climate tile index
concordance Concordance test for binomial models
annulus.matrix Annulus matrix
conf.interval Confidence interval for mean or median
similarity Ecological similarity
smooth.time.series Smooth Raster Time-series
summary.cross.cor Summary of spatial cross correlation
summary.effect.size Summarizing effect size
breeding.density Breeding density areas (aka, core habitat areas)
summary.loess.boot Summarizing Loess bootstrap models
swvi Senescence weighted Vegetation Index (swvi)
csi Cosine Similarity Index
dispersion Dispersion (H-prime)
geo.buffer Buffer geographic data
dissection Dissection
curvature Surface curvature
group.pdf Probability density plot by group
insert.values Insert Values
plot.effect.size Plot effect size
is.empty is.empty
hsp Hierarchical Slope Position
nni Average Nearest Neighbor Index (NNI)
oli.asw Query AWS-OLI Point and Polygon Intersect
raster.downscale Raster Downscale
plot.loess.boot Plot Loess Bootstrap
poly.regression Local Polynomial Regression
raster.entropy Raster Entropy
raster.moments Raster moments
raster.modified.ttest Dutilleul moving window bivariate raster correlation
optimal.k optimalK
raster.invert Invert raster
raster.gaussian.smooth Gaussian smoothing of raster
raster.transformation Statistical transformation for rasters
print.effect.size Print effect size
print.cross.cor Print spatial cross correlation
raster.vol Raster Percent Volume
sample.poly Sample Polygons
hybrid.kmeans Hybrid K-means
sampleTransect Sample transect
separability separability
sp.kde Spatial kernel density estimate
sobal Sobel-Feldman operator
topo.distance Topographic distance
tpi Topographic Position Index (tpi)
sg.smooth Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter sp na.omit
kendall Kendall tau trend with continuity correction for time-series Spatial Select
moments moments
kl.divergence Kullback-Leibler divergence (relative entropy)
optimized.sample.variance Optimized sample variance
morans.plot Autocorrelation Plot
pp.subsample Point process random subsample
outliers Outliers
polyPerimeter Polygon perimeter
raster.change Raster change between two nominal rasters
raster.deviation Raster local deviation from the global trend
winsorize Winsorize transformation
wt.centroid Weighted centroid
sar Surface Area Ratio
sa.trans Trigonometric transformation of a slope and aspect interaction
rm.ext Remove extension
tri Terrain Ruggedness Index spatialEco news
vrm Vector Ruggedness Measure (VRM)
zonal.stats zonal.stats
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