spatstat.core (version 2.1-2)

OrdThresh: Ord's Interaction model


Creates an instance of Ord's point process model which can then be fitted to point pattern data.





Positive number giving the threshold value for Ord's model.


An object of class "interact" describing the interpoint interaction structure of a point process.


Ord's point process model (Ord, 1977) is a Gibbs point process of infinite order. Each point \(x_i\) in the point pattern \(x\) contributes a factor \(g(a_i)\) where \(a_i = a(x_i, x)\) is the area of the tile associated with \(x_i\) in the Dirichlet tessellation of \(x\). The function \(g\) is simply \(g(a) = 1\) if \(a \ge r\) and \(g(a) = \gamma < 1\) if \(a < r\), where \(r\) is called the threshold value.

This function creates an instance of Ord's model with a given value of \(r\). It can then be fitted to point process data using ppm.


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