spatstat.core (version 2.1-2) Pairwise Interaction Process Family


An object describing the family of all pairwise interaction Gibbs point processes.



Object of class "isf", see isf.object.


Advanced Use Only!

This structure would not normally be touched by the user. It describes the pairwise interaction family of point process models.

If you need to create a specific pairwise interaction model for use in modelling, use the function Pairwise or one of the existing functions listed below.

Anyway, is an object of class "isf" containing a function$eval for evaluating the sufficient statistics of any pairwise interaction point process model taking an exponential family form.

See Also

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Pairwise interactions: Poisson, Pairwise, PairPiece, Fiksel, Hardcore, LennardJones, MultiHard, MultiStrauss, MultiStraussHard, Strauss, StraussHard, Softcore.

Other interactions: AreaInter, Geyer, Saturated, Ord, OrdThresh.