spatstat.core (version 2.1-2)

rmhmodel: Define Point Process Model for Metropolis-Hastings Simulation.


Builds a description of a point process model for use in simulating the model by the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm.




Arguments specifying the point process model in some format.


An object of class "rmhmodel", which is essentially a list of parameter values for the model.

There is a print method for this class, which prints a sensible description of the model chosen.


Simulated realisations of many point process models can be generated using the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm rmh. The algorithm requires the model to be specified in a particular format: an object of class "rmhmodel".

The function rmhmodel takes a description of a point process model in some other format, and converts it into an object of class "rmhmodel". It also checks that the parameters of the model are valid.

The function rmhmodel is generic, with methods for

fitted point process models:

an object of class "ppm", obtained by a call to the model-fitting function ppm. See rmhmodel.ppm.


a list of parameter values in a certain format. See rmhmodel.list.


parameter values specified as separate arguments to . See rmhmodel.default.


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See Also

rmhmodel.ppm, rmhmodel.default, rmhmodel.list, rmh, rmhcontrol, rmhstart, ppm, Strauss, Softcore, StraussHard, Triplets, MultiStrauss, MultiStraussHard, DiggleGratton, PairPiece Penttinen