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Datasets for 'spatstat'

Contains all the datasets for the 'spatstat' package.

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Name Description
copyExampleFiles Copy Data Files for Example
ganglia Beta Ganglion Cells in Cat Retina, Old Version
amacrine Hughes' Amacrine Cell Data
clmfires Castilla-La Mancha Forest Fires
humberside Humberside Data on Childhood Leukaemia and Lymphoma
copper Berman-Huntington points and lines data
murchison Murchison gold deposits
heather Diggle's Heather Data
simdat Simulated Point Pattern
nbfires Point Patterns of New Brunswick Forest Fires
demopat Artificial Data Point Pattern
demohyper Demonstration Example of Hyperframe of Spatial Data
hyytiala Scots pines and other trees at Hyytiala
dendrite Dendritic Spines Data
chicago Chicago Crime Data
chorley Chorley-Ribble Cancer Data
finpines Pine saplings in Finland.
paracou Kimboto trees at Paracou, French Guiana
gordon People in Gordon Square
cells Biological Cells Point Pattern
shapley Galaxies in the Shapley Supercluster
cetaceans Point patterns of whale and dolphin sightings.
ponderosa Ponderosa Pine Tree Point Pattern
japanesepines Japanese Pines Point Pattern
lansing Lansing Woods Point Pattern
nztrees New Zealand Trees Point Pattern
osteo Osteocyte Lacunae Data: Replicated Three-Dimensional Point Patterns
flu Influenza Virus Proteins
letterR Window in Shape of Letter R The Package
pyramidal Pyramidal Neurons in Cingulate Cortex
redwood California Redwoods Point Pattern (Ripley's Subset)
simplenet Simple Example of Linear Network
spiders Spider Webs on Mortar Lines of a Brick Wall
redwoodfull California Redwoods Point Pattern (Entire Dataset)
waka Trees in Waka national park
simba Simulated data from a two-group experiment with replication within each group.
waterstriders Waterstriders data. Three independent replications of a point pattern formed by insects.
vesicles Vesicles Data
gorillas Gorilla Nesting Sites
residualspaper Data and Code From JRSS Discussion Paper on Residuals
hamster Aherne's hamster tumour data
sporophores Sporophores Data
swedishpines Swedish Pines Point Pattern
longleaf Longleaf Pines Point Pattern
urkiola Urkiola Woods Point Pattern
spruces Spruces Point Pattern
mucosa Cells in Gastric Mucosa
Kovesi Colour Sequences with Uniform Perceptual Contrast
bei Tropical rain forest trees
betacells Beta Ganglion Cells in Cat Retina
austates Australian States and Mainland Territories
anemones Beadlet Anemones Data
bramblecanes Hutchings' Bramble Canes data
bdspots Breakdown Spots in Microelectronic Materials
ants Harkness-Isham ants' nests data
bronzefilter Bronze gradient filter data
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Date 2018-10-01
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData true
NeedsCompilation no
ByteCompile true
Packaged 2018-10-01 11:15:54 UTC; adrian
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-10-04 06:10:03 UTC

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