spatstat.geom (version 2.1-0)

is.marked: Test Whether Marks Are Present


Generic function to test whether a given object (usually a point pattern or something related to a point pattern) has ``marks'' attached to the points.


is.marked(X, …)



Object to be inspected

Other arguments.


Logical value, equal to TRUE if X is marked.


``Marks'' are observations attached to each point of a point pattern. For example the longleaf dataset contains the locations of trees, each tree being marked by its diameter; the amacrine dataset gives the locations of cells of two types (on/off) and the type of cell may be regarded as a mark attached to the location of the cell.

Other objects related to point patterns, such as point process models, may involve marked points.

This function tests whether the object X contains or involves marked points. It is generic; methods are provided for point patterns (objects of class "ppp") and point process models (objects of class "ppm").

See Also

is.marked.ppp, is.marked.ppm