spatstat (version 1.16-1)

concatxy: Concatenate x,y Coordinate Vectors


Concatenate any number of pairs of x and y coordinate vectors.




Any number of arguments, each of which is a structure containing elements x and y.


  • A list with two components x and y, which are the concatenations of all the corresponding x and y vectors in the argument list.


This function can be used to superimpose two or more point patterns of unmarked points (but see also superimpose which is recommended). It assumes that each of the arguments in ... is a structure containing (at least) the elements x and y. It concatenates all the x elements into a vector x, and similarly for y, and returns these concatenated vectors.

See Also

superimpose, quadscheme


Run this code
dat <- runifrect(30)
  xy <- list(x=runif(10),y=runif(10))
  new <- concatxy(dat, xy)

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