Convert Pixel Image to Another Unit of Length

Converts a pixel image to another unit of length.

spatial, math
## S3 method for class 'im':
rescale(X, s)
Pixel image (object of class "im").
Conversion factor: the new units are s times the old units.

This is a method for the generic function rescale.

The spatial coordinates of the pixels in X will be re-expressed in terms of a new unit of length that is s times the current unit of length given in X. (Thus, the coordinate values are divided by s, while the unit value is multiplied by s).

If s is missing, then the coordinates will be re-expressed in native units; for example if the current unit is equal to 0.1 metres, then the coordinates will be re-expressed in metres.

The result is a pixel image representing the same data but re-expressed in a different unit.

Pixel values are unchanged. This may not be what you intended!


  • Another pixel image (of class "im"), containing the same pixel values, but with pixel coordinates expressed in the new units.

See Also

im, rescale, unitname,

# Bramble Canes data: 1 unit = 9 metres
# distance transform
  Z <- distmap(bramblecanes)
# convert to metres
# first alter the pixel values
  Zm <- * Z)
# now rescale the pixel coordinates
  Z <- rescale(Zm, 1/9)
# or equivalently
  Z <- rescale(Zm)
Documentation reproduced from package spatstat, version 1.29-0, License: GPL (>= 2)

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