Kimboto trees at Paracou, French Guiana

This dataset is a point pattern of adult and juvenile Kimboto trees (Pradosia cochlearia or P. ptychandra) recorded at Paracou in French Guiana. See Flores (2005).

The dataset paracou is a point pattern (object of class "ppp") containing the spatial coordinates of each tree, marked by age (a factor with levels adult and juvenile. The survey region is a rectangle approximately 400 by 525 metres. Coordinates are given in metres.

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Data kindly contributed by Olivier Flores. All data belong to CIRAD and UMR EcoFoG and are included in spatstat with permission. Original data sources: juvenile and some adult trees collected by Flores (2005); adult tree data sourced from CIRAD Paracou experimental plots dataset (2003 campaign).


Flores, O. (2005) latex{D{'e}terminisme de la r{'e}g{'e}n{'e}ration chez quinze esp{`e}ces d'arbres tropicaux en for{^e}t guyanaise: les effets de l'environnement et de la limitation par la dispersion.}{ Determinisme de la regeneration chez quinze espces d'arbres tropicaux en foret guyanaise: les effets de l'environnement et de la limitation par la dispersion.}

PhD Thesis, University of Montpellier 2, Montpellier, France.

Picard, N, Bar-Hen, A., Mortier, F. and Chadoeuf, J. (2009) The multi-scale marked area-interaction point process: a model for the spatial pattern of trees. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 36 23--41

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plot(paracou, cols=2:3, chars=c(16,3))
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