Hyper Data Frame

Create a hyperframe: a two-dimensional array in which each column consists of values of the same atomic type (like the columns of a data frame) or objects of the same class.

manip, spatial
             row.names=NULL, check.rows=FALSE, check.names=TRUE,
Arguments of the form value or tag=value. Each value is either an atomic vector, or a list of objects of the same class, or a single atomic value, or a single object. Each value will become a
Arguments passed to data.frame controlling the names of the rows, whether to check that rows are consistent, whether to check validity of the column names, and whether to convert character co

A hyperframe is like a data frame, except that its entries can be objects of any kind.

A hyperframe is a two-dimensional array in which each column consists of values of one atomic type (as in a data frame) or consists of objects of one class.

The arguments ... are any number of arguments of the form value or tag=value. Each value will become a column of the array. The tag determines the name of the column.

Each value can be either

  • an atomic vector or factor (i.e. numeric vector, integer vector, character vector, logical vector, complex vector or factor)
  • a list of objects which are all of the same class
  • one atomic value, which will be replicated to make an atomic vector or factor
  • one object, which will be replicated to make a list of objects.

All columns (vectors, factors and lists) must be of the same length, if their length is greater than 1.


  • An object of class "hyperframe".

Methods for Hyperframes

There are methods for print, plot, summary, with, split, [, [<,$, $<-, names, as.data.frame as.list, cbind and rbind for the class of hyperframes. There is also is.hyperframe and as.hyperframe.

See Also

as.hyperframe, as.hyperframe.ppx, plot.hyperframe, [.hyperframe, with.hyperframe, split.hyperframe, as.data.frame.hyperframe, cbind.hyperframe, rbind.hyperframe

  • hyperframe
# equivalent to a data frame
  hyperframe(X=1:10, Y=3)

 # list of functions
  hyperframe(f=list(sin, cos, tan))

 # table of functions and matching expressions
  hyperframe(f=list(sin, cos, tan),
             e=list(expression(sin(x)), expression(cos(x)), expression(tan(x))))

  hyperframe(X=1:10, Y=letters[1:10], Z=factor(letters[1:10]),

  lambda <- runif(4, min=50, max=100)
  X <- lapply(as.list(lambda), function(x) { rpoispp(x) })
  h <- hyperframe(lambda=lambda, X=X)

  h$lambda2 <- lambda^2
  h[, "lambda3"] <- lambda^3
  h[, "Y"] <- X
Documentation reproduced from package spatstat, version 1.42-2, License: GPL (>= 2)

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