Deprecated spatstat functions

Deprecated spatstat functions.

"as.psp"(x, ..., window=NULL, check=spatstat.options("checksegments"), fatal=TRUE) clf.test(...) conspire(...) ksmooth.ppp(x, sigma, ..., edge=TRUE) smooth.ppp(X, ..., weights = rep(1, npoints(X)), at="pixels") smooth.fv(x, which = "*", ..., method=c("smooth.spline", "loess"), xinterval=NULL) smooth.msr(X, ...) ks.test.ppm(...) mpl(Q, trend, interaction, data, correction, rbord, use.gam) rtoro(X, which=NULL, radius=NULL, width=NULL, height=NULL) eval.hyper(e, h, simplify=TRUE, ee=NULL) superimposePSP(..., W=NULL, check=TRUE) delaunay.distance(...) dirichlet.edges(...) dirichlet.vertices(...) dirichlet.weights(...) circumradius(x, ...) "circumradius"(x, ...) "circumradius"(x, ...) "circumradius"(x, ...)

These functions are deprecated, and will eventually be deleted from the spatstat package. as.psp.owin has been replaced by edges. has been replaced by boundingbox. clf.test has been renamed dclf.test.

conspire has been replaced by plot.fv.

ksmooth.ppp has been replaced by density.ppp.

smooth.ppp has been replaced by Smooth.ppp.

smooth.fv has been replaced by Smooth.fv.

smooth.msr has been replaced by Smooth.msr.

mpl has been replaced by ppm.

ks.test.ppm has been replaced by cdf.test. rtoro has been replaced by rshift.

eval.hyper has been replaced by with.hyperframe. superimposePSP has been replaced by superimpose.psp which is a method for the generic function superimpose. is replaced by im.apply(x, which.max).

delaunay.distance is replaced by delaunayDistance. is replaced by delaunayNetwork. dirichlet.edges is replaced by dirichletEdges. is replaced by dirichletNetwork. dirichlet.vertices is replaced by dirichletVertices. dirichlet.weights is replaced by dirichletWeights.

circumradius is replaced by the more appropriately named boundingradius.

  • as.psp.owin
  • clf.test
  • conspire
  • eval.hyper
  • ksmooth.ppp
  • smooth.ppp
  • smooth.fv
  • smooth.msr
  • ks.test.ppm
  • mpl
  • rtoro
  • superimposePSP
  • delaunay.distance
  • dirichlet.edges
  • dirichlet.vertices
  • dirichlet.weights
  • circumradius
  • circumradius.owin
  • circumradius.ppp
  • circumradius.linnet
Documentation reproduced from package spatstat, version 1.48-0, License: GPL (>= 2)

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