splines v3.6.2

Regression Spline Functions and Classes

Regression spline functions and classes.

Functions in splines

Name Description
ns Generate a Basis Matrix for Natural Cubic Splines
splineDesign Design Matrix for B-splines
bs B-Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines
interpSpline Create an Interpolation Spline
predict.bs Evaluate a Spline Basis
periodicSpline Create a Periodic Interpolation Spline
polySpline Piecewise Polynomial Spline Representation
splines-package Regression Spline Functions and Classes
xyVector Construct an xyVector Object
splineKnots Knot Vector from a Spline
splineOrder Determine the Order of a Spline
predict.bSpline Evaluate a Spline at New Values of x
asVector Coerce an Object to a Vector
backSpline Monotone Inverse Spline
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.6.2
NeedsCompilation yes

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