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Supplemental S-PLUS Functionality in R

Currently there are many functions in S-PLUS that are missing in R. To facilitate the conversion of S-PLUS packages to R packages, this package provides some missing S-PLUS functionality in R.



R package facilitating S-PLUS migration

Functions in splus2R

Name Description
deparseText Deparses input argument
as.rectangular Covnert to rectangular object
asSeriesData Convert to a seriesData
numCols Object dimensions
seriesData Access Data Of series Objects
seriesDataNew Creates template for new seriesData object
numericSequence Constructor for numericSequence Class
is.number Check Values
is.orderable If a value can be ordered
colIds Column and row summary function
bits.per.integer Internal Size of an integer
is.rectangular Checks for object rectangularity
oldUnclass Class conversion
lowerCase Case conversion
peaks Local maxima
do.test Test Functions and Expressions - for automated testing
rmvnorm Multivariate Normal (Gaussian) Distribution
positions Positions of signalSeries objects
allTrue Test whether all expressions return TRUE
anyMissing Returns TRUE if missing values are round, otherwise FALSE
MC Make Closure for functions
nDotArgs Determine Number of Arguments to Function
expectStop Test whether expected stop() or warning() messages are produced.
ifelse1 Conditional Data Selection
signalSeries Constructor function for the signalSeries class
is.inf Infinite
stdev Standard deviation
subscript2d Uniform Rectangular Data Subscripting Function
vecnorm p-norm of a vector
is.missing Check for missing values
seriesDataValid Validates the structure of seriesData object
showStructure Describe the structure of an object
which.na Determine Which Values are Missing Values
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License GPL-2
Collate Swrappers.R peaks.R bits.per.integer.R doTest.R muS2RC.R showStructure.R sigseriesS3.R sigseriesS4.R splus2R_is.R splus2R_pkg.R
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Packaged 2016-08-30 20:29:23 UTC; spk
Date/Publication 2016-09-02 15:17:06

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