spotifyr (version 2.1.1)

search_spotify: Search for an item


Get Spotify Catalog information about artists, albums, tracks or playlists that match a keyword string. For more information see the official documentation.


  type = c("album", "artist", "playlist", "track"),
  market = NULL,
  limit = 20,
  offset = 0,
  include_external = NULL,
  authorization = get_spotify_access_token(),
  include_meta_info = FALSE



Required. Search query keywords and optional field filters and operators.


A character vector of item types to search across. Valid types are album, artist, playlist, and track. Search results include hits from all the specified item types. For example: q = "name:abacab" and type =c("album", "track") returns both albums and tracks with "abacab" included in their name.


Optional. An ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code or the string "from_token". If a country code is specified, only artists, albums, and tracks with content that is playable in that market is returned. Note: - Playlist results are not affected by the market parameter. - If market is set to "from_token", and a valid access token is specified in the request header, only content playable in the country associated with the user account, is returned. - Users can view the country that is associated with their account in the account settings. A user must grant access to the user-read-private scope prior to when the access token is issued.


Optional. Maximum number of results to return. Default: 20 Minimum: 1 Maximum: 50 Note: The limit is applied within each type, not on the total response. For example, if the limit value is 3 and the type is c("artist", "album"), the response contains 3 artists and 3 albums.


Optional. The index of the first result to return. Default: 0 (the first result). Maximum offset (including limit): 10,000. Use with limit to get the next page of search results.


Optional. Possible values: audio If include_external = "audio" is specified the response will include any relevant audio content that is hosted externally. By default external content is filtered out from responses.


Required. A valid access token from the Spotify Accounts service. See the Web API authorization guide for more details. Defaults to spotifyr::get_spotify_access_token()


Optional. Boolean indicating whether to include full result, with meta information such as "total", and "limit". Defaults to FALSE.


search_spotify('radiohead', 'artist')
# }